I Wanted A Good, Reliable Vita Case, And That's Just What I Got

Whenever a new piece of portable hardware comes out, the first thing I want is a good case. But as an early adopter, I frequently wind up in this situation where I don't quite know what to get. Whom do I trust? How much should I pay? Which cases are good, and which are junk?

It happened with my MacBook Air, it happened with my first iPhone. And just recently, it happened with my PlayStation Vita. It doesn't help that so many cases are only available online, and that many retailers won't let you open cases up and try them. The whole thing can feel like a racket, cheapo case manufacturers profiting on the (understandable) ignorance of early adopters.

So, despite having owned a PlayStation Vita since launch, I haven't had a case for it. I've been using a knit cap as a substitute, keeping it in a side pocket on my bag or in the back of my backpack. But that hat doesn't offer any substantive protection, and it doesn't let me carry around any games, since the Vita's game cartridges are so tiny that I fear I'll lose them unless they're kept in their oversized game cases.

There aren't a lot of good resources for learning which cases are good during a product's launch window. I read a lot of user reviews for cases on Amazon, and was unimpressed with what I saw. I'm also not a big fan of any of Sony's first-party cases — one sticks to the Vita and hangs below it while you play, and the travel pouch is too big for how little protection it offers.

I asked Mike Fahey what case he used, and he recommended the Pull N Go Folio by PDP. I decided to take a chance and pick one up, and I'm glad I did. (Thanks, Mike!)

In the video above, I open up the case and show what it's all about. If you're still on the fence about what case to get for your Vita, the Pull N Go is a solid, middle-of-the-road case that offers good protection, versatility, and a sturdy design. At $US30 it's not the cheapest case, but it's also not as expensive as that awesome sounding but pricey luxurious leather case that Luke reviewed.

You can pick up a Pull N Go Folio at Gamestop for $US29.99 or, as it turns out, you can order one from Amazon for $US23.99.

It's Persona tested, Mitsuru approved!

Pull N Go Folio for PSVita [Amazon, $US23.99]


    I lost my psvita case on a bus with Uncharted cart in it lol

      That sux lol

      As long as your Vita wasn't in it, I guess...

    That reminds me, I need to pick P3P back up and keep playing.

    I last put it down just after the train bit/mid year exams, and I'm stuck between pushing for Academics and the MMO slink story, or doing Kendo. Also, I have no idea how to build towards Thor.


    I mate of mine who had a Vita ordered one of these cases and it arrived today. Must admit it was pretty slick.

    I actually found the hive case that came with it from JB HIFI to be better than this and it was thrown in.

    Even doubles as a stand.

    I use the case that comes in the starter kit. It also doubles as a stand.

    That looks fantastic. Thanks for the tip, man!

    I got a free case from JB hifi when I bought my Vita but I don't love it. I like to keep the headphones plugged in (so that I don't lose them and it is saves plugging them in each time) but the case won't close properly that way. Does this case solve that problem? Or do you still need to take the headphones out to close it up? I like the idea of a larger case for all the accessories and a smaller one for the vita itself.

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