Left 4 Dead Prequel In Development

According to a report on CVG, Overkill Entertainment - developers of multiplayer shooter Payday: The Heist - are currently working on a new Left 4 Dead title.

While some kind of crossover title was announced between the pair last month, this report is a little more specific, claiming that the new game is a Left 4 Dead prequel that tells the story of how the zombie outbreak came to kill, well, almost everybody.

E3 2012: Rumour: Left 4 Dead prequel coming from Payday dev [CVG]


    I see Valve finally found a way to get around making the third game in a series without putting that 3 in the title.

    I have a feeling we are gona see more zombie hype thanks to Day z, i would love to see that mod made into a stand alone game, but i know if that happened some company would ruined it and just turn it into an action shooter like the rest.

      My understanding is that one of the ARMA devs actually made Dayz and that Bohemia Interactive are in fact planning on making it its own release.
      (I think I read this somewhere :) )

    Let's hope the OFLC don't pull that censor crap like they did to number 2. Those heavy edits really were a disappointment.

      Well hopefully they won't rush it, and perhaps we might get the R18 rating in before it's released.

    Hope it has the Valve level of polish.

      That'd be my main concern. Payday: The Heist had real potential but just didn't quite pull it off. It wasn't bad, but it really felt like it could have used another 6 months or so to make it great.

      But with Valve backing this then you'd assume they'll be given the time nad money to get it right, and Valve are unlikely to let it out the door if it's sub-standard.

    Left 3 Dead?

      IT's a prequel, so it'd be more like 'Leaving for Dead'

    thats great valve BUT RELEASE HL2 EPEISODE 3 ALLREADY

    Yes fantastic news, they just need to support it after release with more content.

    Left 4 Dead 2 had a bad setting broad daylight and some of the characters were annoying.
    So bring back Bill, Louis, Francis and Zoey.

      Wasn't "No Mercy" the first time they all met though? If it was, you couldn't really have them in the prequel unless it covered how they each got to the hospital.

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