Lucky Gamers Invited To Play Skyrim's Dawnguard Expansion Early

According to Bethesda's developer Twitter feed, the beta invites for Skyrim's impressive-looking expansion Dawnguard, which is exclusive to the Xbox 360 for the time being, have gone out.

If you applied to get into the beta but didn't get in, don't feel bad: Bethesda says that they accepted just one half of 1 per cent of applicants. So literally 99.95 per cent of applications were rejected!

Wow. I mean, maybe one billion people applied, so a good chunk still got in, but all the same: that's more rejection than the time the cheerleading squad and the mathletes put on a mixer together.

But seriously, if you didn't get into the beta, you won't have to wait too long — Dawnguard launches on June 26.


    So basically, PC gamers get to play Dawnguard on July 26, 2013.

    Awesome, Bethesda. Awesome.

      Yeap, 30 days later (assuming no errors or patches need to be done) so a good 40 odd days from now ....

      do you mean 2012?
      Coz a year late for DLC will piss off PC gamers...

        The 2013 was an attempt at sarcasm, given how absurd the concept of a timed exclusive is, I figured 2013 was just as absurd. lol

    Errr... if one half of 1 percent were accepted isn't that 99.5% rejected?

      Hahaha, so true. They are journalists and not engineers though so we'll forgive them. :)

    yet another beta i signed up for on day i didnt get on to yet i always get the betas for meh games like hybrid

    Bummer, now I'll have to pay for it.. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be worth it.

      I think we all just wanted it for free ;)

    But will it be bug free?

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