Mass Effect's Hilarious, Unintended Subtitles

Like almost every other game, Mass Effect 3 has official subtitles. But that's not what we're looking at today. No, what you're about to see is what happens when people record themselves playing Mass Effect 3, upload videos to YouTube then let Google's service try and guess what's being said on screen.

It, um, doesn't always get things right.

Sure, of the tens of thousands of lines of dialogue to be found in the game (note: there's a few from earlier Mass Effect games as well), this is just a handful of examples where it says "piss", "cat" and "ass cheeks". Still. They're some wonderful examples.

You can find more over at Mass Effect Transcribed, linked below.

Jeffrey Commander [Tumblr]


    I lost it at the 'fisting it has to do' screen.... and again at all the other fistings that followed.

    I got as far as "this mission just got a lot more cock" and decided to stop reading this article until I get home from work.

      All pictures already loaded, keep scrolling... NO RETURN!

      I lost my shit at "this mission just got a lot more cock".

      You're missing out, at least read down to "masturbated alive".

    "fisting goes sideways and we both end up there"

    Well, I guess every species have a different way of doing it...

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