New Need For Speed Looks Like Burnout Paradise (With Cops)

Burnout developers Criterion are back with another Need for Speed game, a reboot of sorts of the Most Wanted series.

Set in an open world and looking a lot like Burnout Paradise (which is a very good thing!), it'll be out on October 30.


    Oooh. I loved Paradise and still spin it up occasionally when I want a bit of high speed carnage. Will definitely be looking at this one.

    It's burnout and most wanted, have my monies!

    But what about car customisation? Evading cops is one thing but doing in your tricked out ride, hell yes!

    has everyone forgotten that criterion already did NFS Most Wanted not that long ago? why can't they come up with a new title? lol

    PS. it was an awesome game and i'm sure this will be too

      Don't you mean Hot Pursuit?

        Yeah... Lol hadn't had my coffee... It does look quite similar though and I do wish they'd stop using the old titles :\ still... This will b a day 1 purchase for me.

      Has everyone forgotten that you are an idiot? Also if there is no customisation than I doubt I will buy

        No need to be a prick... I wasn't thinking straight... My bad!

    Why do they keep "rebooting" the games, come up with some new names.....Hot Pursuit was redone a few years ago, and now Most Wanted is been redone

    Burnout Paradise is a brilliant open world arcade racer. I'm definitely liking what I see here. Hot Pursuit just didn't do it for me. Not because it's a bad game, because it isn't. I just don't usually enjoy the whole EMP, spike strip - combat thing...

    Most Wanted most likely got my monies.

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