Portal 2 Replica Turret Will Silently Protect Your Loved Ones For $300

Gaming Heads, the creators of fine Team Fortress 2 statuary, opens the valve on its new Portal 2 line with this gorgeous 16-inch turret replica, ready to fill speaking and non-speaking roles in your home security regime, depending on how much you're willing to invest.

Can you really put a price tag on quality replica home security? Well yes, you can, and that price tag is $US300. That money can secure you one of 750 Portal 2 turrets upon their Q4 2012 release, packed lovingly in foam with a certificate that ensures that this is a high quality product and not something you made in shop class.

Just look at this thing. Are you not pleased to the tune of $US300?

Perhaps you need to see a more detailed view. Did I mention the motion sensor activated light?

Still not convinced? What's wrong with you? You act as if you don't have $US300 to toss about frivolously on video game paraphernalia.

I can understand that, so I won't even tell you about the Gaming Heads exclusive edition, which adds voices from the game to the statue for a mere $US30 extra. It's limited to 350 pieces; you probably couldn't have secured one in time anyway.

Portal 2 Turret Preorder [Gaming Heads] Portal 2 Turret Exclusive w/ Sound Preorder [Gaming Heads]


    Sound Preorder link is a mailto :P

    Umm... That second link is a mailto: link

    its the slowest selling portal replica compare to the first portal gun. Been over 24 hours and still not sold out

    does it talk?

      The special edition ($330) has a sound chip with a bunch of official lines from the game.

      Shipping to aus is $65 btw.

    Did anyone else read this in Cave Johnson's voice?

    what is a 'shop class'?

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