Report: Vivendi To Go Ahead With Sale Of Activision Blizzard

Earlier this month we heard that Vivendi's higher-ups were going to discuss the possible sale of money-making publisher/developer hybrid Activision Blizzard, which it acquired and reforged back in 2007-2008. Now, it's being reported that the decision has been made to cut the company loose, first by finding a seller and if that doesn't work out, a partial free-for-all on the open market.

A source with "knowledge of the situation" has informed Bloomberg that the sale of Vivendi's 61 per cent stake in Activision Blizzard will be going ahead. Originally valued at $US18.9 billion five years ago, ActiBlizz now weighs in at just $US8.1 billion.

Did I say just? That's still a lot, but near 60 per cent down on 2007's aspiring figure.

While the Call of Duty and WarCraft brands may be blockbusters in the gaming world, the names mean very little when it comes to the stock market. Vivendi's shares on the Euronext Paris (EPA) exchange are currently priced at €14.63. In comparison, when the acquisition of Activision was announced back in December 2007, they were valued at over €30.

We've weathered the global financial crisis since then and Europe hasn't been the most stable of economies in recent times, but if Vivendi wants a bit of cash right now (relatively speaking), this is one way of going about it.

Vivendi Said To Plan Sale Of Stake In Activision Blizzard [Bloomberg]


    What chances are there that EA will buy them out. . .?

      God help us all if that happens.

      8 billion (the asking price) is more than EA is worth, as far as I know. So no chance.

        Yeah EA's market capitalisation is only 4billion, no pure game company could but them out,Sony/MS/Nintendo could but wouldn't.EA was worth 8Billion a year ago but all the big game companies except Acti/blizz have dropped values in the last year or so.

      Probably not as high as you think, I believe the US has anti-monopoly laws as well as most jurisdictions.

    ^ Now that would mean that call of duty would get a new game engine right?

      UMMMM that would be completely irrevalent. It will only get a new engine if infinity ward, treyarch or a new cod developer decided that they needed one.

    I could see Microsoft, Apple, Gamestop and Google having a serious look at this.

      Ha microsoft since when do they take risks, microsoft are like the company that buys myspace 7 years to late.

        you dont stay up to date do you. Clearly MS is taking a massive risk with windows 8 being a completely new design compared to windows 7 if people hate it thats a lot of money down the drain. now they are also entering the tablet business and making their own. That is also a massive risk.

          That risk won't pay off unless they've overhauled it massively to make it something other than tablet pandering detritus.

      Now that you have said it I wouldn't mind it if Google bought them.

      Na they wouldnt, microsoft wont cause the outcome will be that all future titles from Activision/blizzard will be Win and xbox exclusives meaning the CoD games sales wil drop over 50%, the Warcraft and starcraft series will start to fail cause of microsofts input and the Outcome will be huge loss of money. And I have no idea why u think apple, gamespot or google would have any interest, neither of those companies are Game Designers or Publishers and have never shown interest in getting into the Game Development business, way to risky on the money.
      And would love to see EA buy it if they had the money, EA seem to be demaging itself let alone introducing Origin to Blizzard and Activision games and demaging all the franshises from blizzard and Activision with the bad bussiness choices and demaging gameplay.

      Trust met, companys like EA allways fall, they are more concerned about making money then pleasing the customers and everyone is starting to see it, won't be long till they start to really colapse

    if microsoft bought it that would be the end of the console wars for sony

      Dude, would love to see that happen the see Microsoft drop from the Console war because of that fatal move. Over the long run they would loose more money then what they gaine
      Plus microsoft are in the process of a new console which will cost billions as it is the make the consoles and market it, its just too much for them at the moment

        Confirming the guy who can't spell is a leading expert in guessing what Microsoft is capable of purchasing.

    If Apple bought it, you will have to buy the game through itunes, then buy you characters, they you would have to sync it with itunes, and then you wouldn't be able to play it until you upgrade your firmware, and by the time you have done all of that you will find out you hardware is obsolete, and it can only play half the missions.

      The Apple hate is strong within this one. I personally would actually like to see what Apple can bring to the gaming market. Apple is a lot better (in terms of customer satisfaction) than many of the other industry giants out there. They might not have any/much experience in the video games industry, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it will turn out badly. I for one am interested in what they are capable of.

        The apple fanboism is strong with this one.

        Apple never have experience with gaming industry.

        Apple customer satisfaction majority came from fanboism too, everybody knows that.

        But i can see the similarity between blizz & apple more and more, the company decide what kind of fun the customer should have instead of letting the customer having actual fun

      That just sounds like any Xbox Live Arcade game with DLC content to me...

    If Nintendo bought them we'd be shooting ducks at balloons and nothing would be as it seems.

    i would love to see valve get a loan and buy it that would be great!!

    This explain D3 issues alot lol

      doubt valve would need a loan lol. they would rake it in. Pity they don't publish their financial statements.

    Yes Blizzard is/was one of my favorite video game companies. Prior to D3, you would hear me arguing in their defense if anyone said a bad word about them. Warcraft 1-3, Diablo 1-2, SC 1-2 and even World of Warcraft were incredible, fun fantastic games that were all polished and tweaked beyond belief.

    Diablo 3's release changed my opinion. I now see what Blizzard has become. No longer are they the company that cared about quality over the almighty dollar (seeing them cancel the Warcraft Point and Click as well as SC Ghosts as they thought they weren't up to scratch quality wise, is an example I'm thinking of). Diablo 3 was released buggy, unfinished, untested and I think this quote summed it up nicely "We waited 12 years for a game that plays like a game from 12 years ago". If blizzard closed tomorrow, I wouldn't care. I think it was their obsession with the Real Money AH that really killed it for me. You can just tell they had to release the game on the date they gave out, not because of their old creed "It will be ready when it's ready", but because shareholders were demanding the next cash cow as wow slowly starts to die.

    RIP Blizzard... (of course I mean pre activision blizz)

    And now Activision will know how their studios feel when they are about to be cut...oh the irony.

    And so starts the steep decline of Activision Blizzard :D

      You mean the even steeper decline.. or the continual decline. It's been in decline for a while now.. and looking at those numbers maybe even as far back as 2007... they settled too much on their laurels.. and this is the result..

    It's hard for me to take a stance on a company I once loved. Things really went to hell for me during Cataclysm, and further deepened with what Diablo 3 actually proved to be. Also, consider that they did have layoffs recently, which has never happened before in their history. What does that tell you? Then you have their shares of stock which is as Kotaku put, 60% less than what it was worth in 2007. I also owned some stocks there because I believed in what they were doing at the time, But in the end, I wrote it off as a lost cause. Blizzard has stopped impressing me.

    It's like I want them to prove me wrong, and I want them to be what they were like before, but in all honesty with MOP, D3, and hell even SC2, It just doesn't seem likely anymore.

    They still have that Titan MMO thing, but none of us here know what it's all about.

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