Sam Fisher Returns In Splinter Cell Blacklist

On stage at Microsoft's E3 keynote, Ubisoft revealed the next chapter in the Splinter Cell franchise — Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

The reveal included a teaser trailer and live gameplay showing Kinect support. The player was able to use Kinect voice commands to issue orders and distract enemies.


    Splinter Cell + Kinect = 'Issue orders'?

    As someone who likes Splinter Cell and Sam Fisher I would like to ask, can we move on from him? I don't think there's anything left to explore around his character. Create someone new, have Sam Fisher as the "mentor" or in charge of your operations. Before Conviction they were exploring the idea that Sam was getting too old and would need to retire soon. I'm starting to wish he did.


      he was in his 50s and retired at the beginning of the first game IIRC... It's anoying that they seem to retconn him 20 years younger with every iteration of the series.

      So much so, now, that they got rid of Micheal Ironside because he apparently wasn't acrobatic enough. :-P

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