Phew, Splinter Cell: Blacklist Does Feature Stealth!

Considering the footage we've seen of Splinter Cell: Blacklist so far, fans of the more traditional Splinter Cell experience have every right to be just a little bit worried about the game's direction. It's all been outdoors, it's been shooty — in short there has been very little sneaking, very little stealth and very little darkness. Now it seems as though Ubisoft is intent on rectifying this, with the first in a series of new gameplay videos.

"We know you've been hungry for new Splinter Cell: Blacklist gameplay," says Zack Cooper, Splinter Cell's community developer. "So we're going to be giving you plenty, specifically dedicated to you, the classic Splinter Cell fan."

The footage above is pretty skimpy, not much to go on at all. But it is a relief to see the fundamentals of Splinter Cell remain.

Thanks VG247


    Ubisoft put up a stealth playthrough of the demo level showing you could finish it without make a kill at all didnt they? More options the better

    Yes, but does it feature Michael Ironside? Sam Fisher just isn't Sam Fisher without that characteristic voice. It's actually put me off playing the game.

    Between this and GTA V my 2013 is sorted!

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