See Pokémon Black & White 2...In English!

Nintendo's upcoming Pokémon Black & White 2 have previously only been shown off in Japanese. Let's break that up a little, and check out this new English-language trailer.

While the games are out in Japan this weekend, they'll be hitting Western shores sometime this "Fall".


    English language trailer... there were about 7 words shown. We learnt much from this trailer.

      Hey now. Before seeing this teaser, I had no idea there was a Gym Leader called Roxie. This changes EVERYTHING about the game.

    What happened? No more gem stones or colours to use?

    Can you just remake Pokemon Blue and Red please :)

      They did. It's called pokemon 'fire red' and 'leaf green'

    FR and LG came out in 2004, Its time for a newer Pokemon Red Blue and Yellow. The newer games have some nice visuals and other additons, why not bring them to the best Pokemon Games?


    I'd much rather see yet another Red/Blue remake than Ruby/Sapphire.

    So ... is there anything like ... new? Or is it same old? (Haven't kept up with a Pokemon game since Ruby/Sapphire).

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