Size-Shifting First-Person Game Shows How Bigger Can Be Better And Creepier

One of the biggest ideas at this year's E3 comes from a tiny indie game called Scale. It's a twist on a first-person shooter that lets you change the size of anything in the gameworld.

In the video above, you'll see entire levels get shrunk down so you can cros them with a single step and butterflies swell up to disturbingly giant proportions. Designer Steve Swink's ambitious title isn't anywhere near release yet, but it could be the kind of experience that changes how you look at a video game environment and what you take for granted about playing through a virtual environment.


    That looks awesome! The tech looks brilliant and, honestly, I could see this guy being hired by Valve for Portal 3.

    This looks great!
    At first I thought it would be difficult, nay impossible, to make a challenging game where you can control the size of anything, of course there would be some things you couldn't control, but ultimately there would be some cheap way of winning, but as soon as he (spoilers for the video) blew up that house I understood it, this game will be amazing.
    Too bad it looks like a master race game only, as a poor peon I will just have to watch videos upon it's release because as awesome as this game looks, I aint switching from Mac any time soon

      Boot camp?

        I thought of that, but decided against it a long time ago. I bought a Mac so I could stop playing PC games in class and focus on schoolwork, what can I say I lack self control, so Boot camp would defeat the point.

    someone throw money at this man

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