Square Enix Releasing Brand New, Original, Old-School Final Fantasy Game

Square Enix Releasing Brand New, Original, Old-School Final Fantasy Game
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It’s called Final Fantasy Dimensions, and it will be out for iOS and Android in coming months. Looks like Final Fantasy IV or Final Fantasy V, no? It’s not; it’s a nostalgia-themed original game with touchscreen controls and some seriously classic gameplay.

It was also released in Japan two years ago under the name Final Fantasy Legends. (Not to be confused with Final Fantasy Legend, which is the US version of something that isn’t a Final Fantasy game at all, but let’s not get into that right now.)

Classic role-playing games seem to work really well on touchscreens, as evidenced by the success of Square Enix’s ports and indies like Dragon Fantasy, so I’m looking forward to this one. Check out the video above, as shot on the show floor during E3 this week, to see the whole thing in all of its old-school glory.


  • Funny how the presenter couldn’t answer half the questions. Anyway’s I’ve already know about this for a while but never knew it was coming to android. So that’s nice I suppose.

    Maybe then they can start bringing real classics to android.

  • That makes sense, you know. All the old JRPGs were basically menu driven and only needed the arrow keys for movement, which is easily replaced with a touch-to-move system since they didn’t need twitch movement. Chrono Cross: Android Edition would make my day…

  • People are aware that they’ve got several FF games for iOS right? Remakes and a couple of games in a similar format, Chaos Rings

  • If the game is being targeted at touchscreen devices, why not develop a control system that takes advantage of that fact? Just because a menu system and 4-directional control can be implemented on a touchscreen, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best experience. Just look at all the poor PC ports that people hate because they directly map a controller scheme onto a keyboard and mouse just because it can be done.

    As for the game, it looks ok, but nothing really different. I am still hoping for another Four Heroes of Light game. That was really nice and fun.

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