The Dark Knight Surprises As A Talking Toy In New Lego Batman 2 Trailer

So Lego Batman 2 will be the first toy-centric video game developed by Traveler's Tales that features voice acting. Now, given that the silent comedy was a big part of the appeal in previous Lego games, there might be some worry about such a change.

But as the trailer above shows, the upcoming game looks as funny as the ones that preceded it. Those voices may not be coming from Kevin Conroy or Mark Hamill — and, honestly, the long-time Batman and Joker actors' takes may be too dark for this game — but the laughs come regardless of who's giving voice to hero or villain. You'll get to hear more from the toy versions of 50-plus DC characters when Lego Batman 2 hits next week.


    That actually looks really fun

    I don't know how to respond to this.

    For all of their many faults, I like the Lego games for their derpy charm and the lack of voice acting contributed to that in a big way. It seems like the games are evolving in a direction that doesn't really match what I have been enjoying with the earlier games (Indiana Jones and Batman).

    I'm still going to be playing this.

    By the by, does anyone else think that Superman's voice actor seems really off the mark? It was the sort of voice you typically see for the throwback Silver age type hero. Maybe Captain Marvel. Not Supes.

    Maybe I'm over-analysing.

      Isn't Superman a throwback Silver Age typed hero?

        Superman is Golden Age!

        But anyway, we only heard a little bit of Superman, but I thought it was kind of cool. Like the annoying boyscout that he should be like in a LEGO Batman game.

    lol Like many I am a bit over the LEGO formula -- but that does look pretty cool and funny.

    Anyone know if the vita version is open world? Also the voice acting kinda works with this version.

    Danny Elfman's Batman theme! Reminds me how much I loved the old Batman: The Animated Series.

    Claudia Black and John DiMaggio are doing voice acting.

    F#&K Yes.

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