The Must-Have Collector's Edition Of 2013 Award Goes To Aliens: Colonial Marines

Don't think of the February 2013 release date for Aliens: Colonial Marines as a painfully long waiting period. Think of it as eight months to save up $US99 for this freaking amazing collector's edition package.

It comes with a resin Powerloader statue in a limited edition Xeno Hive box. I could probably just stop writing here and no one would fault me for putting my $US99 down. But there's more! Act now (or until preorders run out) and you can score a genuine-ish USCM Dossier, packing with a mission briefing, a schematic of the USS Sephora, a recruitment cart, a USCM graduation certificate, LV-426 recon photo and iron-on USCM badges. Iron-ons? Who still uses irons? I'm sure you can microwave them on with a little water or something.

And that's just the physical stuff. Virtually the collector's edition grants players access to Ripley's flamethrower, a special USCM Firing Range level, Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers and Phase Plasma Rifle multiplayer weapons and special customisation options for your marines. Hell, you can even dress up as Private Hudson, Corporal Hicks, Private Drake and Sergeant Apone from Aliens.

Those of you on a budget can also secure the flamethrower, customisation options and movie characters by preordering the regular version of the game through GameStop, but with an eight-month lead time, I don't see how you couldn't scrounge up an extra $US40 for the collector's edition.

Me? I just want the Powerloader. I predict I will possess it for a little over 24 hours before my wife-creature throws it away, tired of me waving it around and shouting, "Get away from her, you bitch!"


    Act now? Where?!!? I have no cash on me but I throw my bank card at the screen to no avail :(

    Cheaper then the new RE6 super, ultimate premium collectors edition thing. Thays 105,000 yen. Over $1300 Australian.

    Can somehow see this ending up on the clearance table..... dont get me wrong im looking forward to it but its getting ludacris with A) the wait, B) the dlc counted like physical objects and C) the fact EB will probably get an exclusive on this and charge $150 for it because they can


    IF IT'S UNDER $200

    Pvt. Hudson?

    Day one.

      THAT'S IT, GAME OVER MAN! (sorry, had to be said)


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