The Verdict Is In: Fans Love/Hate The Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut [Spoilers]

Spoilers ahead. The Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut is the result of one of the largest fan outcries in the history of gaming, delivering a series of new endings to appease fans seeking more closure than the game initially provided.

Have the fans been satisfied? Yes. Also, no.

The comments below are taken directly from the dedicated Mass Effect fans that populate BioWare’s official forums, a place I don’t recommend wandering into today unless you want to spend the day reading the same arguments over and over again.

Browsing this selection of 10 positives, 10 negatives and one confusing should give you a similar experience. I left the spelling intact, because it’s more fun that way.

Oh, and here there will be spoilers. Continue at your own risk.


  • “I vastly enjoyed the new ending, to be honest. I felt extremely hollow after witnessing the original, but this left me feeling extremely content. Sure, I’m on of those who wanted little blue babies with Liara, but at least now I know she got closure. And I know that civilisation will last to honour my sacrifice to the galaxy :)” — Deavent
  • “Thank you, Bioware. I was personally very pleased with the changes to the Destroy ending. That is the ending I chose and it was made so much better. I feel like it was truly the ending to MY Shepard.” — LeeluMultipass
  • “I have only done the synthesis ending so far and omg bioware, wrench my heart out and make me happy/sad at the same time some more why don’t you. I love you EDI! How am I ever supposed to destroy/control now!” — Fleshdress
  • “I hated the original endings…..I can now say that I actually want to play through my favourite series again” — McFly616
  • “i was anti-ending…anti-retake.. THIS IS WHAT I WANTED!!! THIS….made me so freaking happy” -Corporal Doody
  • “I never disliked the original ending, but felt more fulfilling. Thanks for the hardwork! Let’s just hope that more people feel this way now.” — Michael177
  • “I have to admit from what I seen the ending is now alot better, I still have some problems with it but I’m satisfied now.” — Dinosteve
  • “Just finished and I actually liked the old ending now (And I hated it it before). The new one just gives more of what many fans were saying the disliked about the ending. At least with the old one there was room for Lots of Speculation. Oh well, Halo 4 here I come!” –MagicalFish
  • “For something that was not designed to change an original ending that is rightly infamous for reasons we all know and only add to it, it was quite good. I really enjoyed the extra scenes, they provided a lot more closure and patched up a lot of the plot holes from the original ending, whilst still maintaining legroom for speculation.” — chaos_Shadow15


  • “Bioware is NOT a 5 year old child making a crayon drawing. Bioware is a multi million dollar company capable of having made Mass Effect 3.5. Instead, they did the absolute bear minimum to get us to shut up. It worked.” — Confused-Shepard
  • “im extremely dissapointed the ec sucks balls” – kingalexdarkoo
  • “Now I can finally trade in my ME3 copy. Thank you for confirming my fears Bioware” — wicked_being
  • “Hated it then, hate it now. C’est la vie.” — steeltrainn
  • “First LOST, then ME3 and IT, shame on me I guess. The thing I do not like is, that they are still liars. They said that the ending will not be like LOST ending and yet, here we are.” — Pangaron
  • “I find it depressingly sad that BioWare screwed up Mass Effect so badly, twice. We asked for closure and endings that made sense, had a colourful array of endings (and NOT in the literal sense) and what we got instead was a pile of implied insults, more plot holes, useless scenes and a slideshow.” — Trifecta739
  • “In three months I expected better from bioware but no, didn’t improve anything.” — Thaa_solon
  • “I’m NOT satisfied, so I have all rights to further complain and I can’t see a real effort in this loveless piece of crap.” — Prince_Valiant
  • “Whilst there were improvements, they really didn’t do a good job. Far from it. This is as close as we’ll get to something decent. The outcomes still weren’t fleshed out; it all felt lifeless.” — ZombifiedJake
  • “I honestly don’t understand why they even bothered. This can’t possibly be enough for anyone who hated the original ending.” — Lyme Eilserv

And this guy

  • “Instead of beaking the ME universe the ending is now completely pointless and has near zero effect on the future and you know whot? I call this 100% positive result” — Sheepie Crusher

I love you, Sheepie Crusher.

These results are pretty much as expected. The only way BioWare could have possibly pleased everyone was by polling each individual player and crafting a version of the ending specifically for them.

Judging by the reactions I’ve read so far, the Extended Cut has divided the fan base right down the middle, with a few colourful characters riding the line. I’d say that’s the best BioWare could have hoped for.


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