These 8-Bit Pop-Up Cards Not Only Look Great, They're Also Easy To Make

So minimal, so clean, yet fantastic to look at, these pop-up cards featuring 8-bit art by designer Kate Lilley are the ideal project for a lazy Sunday. As long as you're not completely uncoordinated, it should be easy enough to create your own replicas using Lilley's instructions, without carving a chunk from your hand.

The tools required are simple — some blank card, a craft or Stanley knife, a ruler and a needle. While you can try and be creative, Lilley provides downloadable templates for the skull and Space Invader shown in the images here. With these in hand, it's a matter of following the directions, making sure the cuts are made in the proper way as not to shred your paper invader.

If you want to try and make something original, Lilley recommends using this font to make templates.

8-bit popup cards [Mini-eco]

Images: Kate Lilley


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