These Trials Evolution Tracks Are Purrty

These Trials Evolution Tracks Are Purrty

I’ve put Trials Evolution back in its box. Seriously. I’ve golded everything and I’m content with that! Not even this nifty trailer released by Ubisoft and Red Lynx can tempt me. The video is trying to get me to create and upload tracks, or maybe check out some user created efforts — but no sir! No way. Trials Evo is now in the naughty corner.

Last time I played Trials I spent three hours trying to get a platinum on a level that lasted 28 seconds. When I stood up to go to bed I had a dizzy spell and it was 3am. ‘This can’t be good,’ I thought to myself, as I stumbled to my bed. It’s over Trials. Over.

Also, to be honest, as cool as some of these user created tracks look — me and my brother in-law/Kotaku designer Ben downloaded a bunch of multiplayer levels, and they weren’t too good. Most of them felt a little broken. Still, I’m tempted to go for one last run around. That track that builds as you race looks incredible!


    • BTW, rainbow road is the name of the one Mark’s saying builds itself, (I know that’s it’s name, just not 100% sure that’s the one he’s referring to, it’s definitely the one in the vid though).

  • Some of the levels are pretty amazing though Mark. Especially when you see users starting to remake levels from Trials 1 & 2.

  • I just got platinum on all the extreme tracks a few nights ago. Now I gotta go back and do the rest.

  • Do you mean to tell me that you’ve not played any user made tracks? Shame Mark, Shame – that’s the whole appeal of the game – seriously the people out there building custom tracks are even more creative than the RedLynx guys. Things like Rainbow Road, Glide Rail Expanse – which gives your bike a hook and gets you to hit a rail on your way down, , 2001: A Space Oddessy with it’s changing gravity, that level that plays like ‘Lost in Shadow’, the Mirror’s Edge level, the Alan Wake level, the Terminator level, all the Star Wars tributes, the Mario tributes, the Neon levels, the Donkey Kong country level, just to name a few off the top of my head – this is easily the best value game to ever come out on the Xbox – you owe it to yourself to check out how far people have been able to push this game!

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