Trials Evolution Is Super Hard. These Videos Make It Slightly Easier!

Regardless of the fact it's being put together by Kotaku Australia community stalwart FatShady, I've become a massive fan of the University of Trials. The University of Trials is a video series that helps players learn all the different techniques that will enable them to breeze through the brutally difficult Trials HD and Trials Evolution games.

I've been following the University of Trials series since it began and I think this is the best one yet. Mainly because it takes a series of individual lessons shown in previous videos and helps you put them together in the context of truly difficult 'extreme' tracks. It's one thing to be able to perform the different tricks and skills required, it's another thing to recognise when and where to use them.

Dark City Run is used in the example — and it's one of the most difficult tracks in the game. There's some great advice in these vids and if you have any intention of playing the game, I thoroughly recommend watching.

You can follow University of Trials on twitter here.


    I'll say it again, Thanks Mark for putting these up. You all know I love the game and I enjoy teaching others about it. It is hugely difficult when you don't know what you are doing but really enjoyable once it all starts coming together. I'm really proud of how this series is coming together and am glad so many people have enjoyed them so far.

    These videos are now hosted on the Ubisoft channel on YT but if you want to know when the next ones are available (roughly once every 4 weeks), follow me on twitter (@UniOfTrials) or check out the official Redlynx forums or reddit /r/TrialsEvolution. I usually keep those guys the most up to date :)

    AND the next class will feature an interview I did with the Creative Director at Redlynx about their two new games that we announced at E3 and a technique that he wanted me to teach. Be warned, the interview quality is rubbish (I work for an insurance company damn it!) but we almost break some Ubisoft furniture and I think I accidentally get him to reveal a totally awesome and new feature within one of their new games :)

    If there is anything you want me to cover in a future topic, please let me know and I will be happy to try incorporating this into a future class.

    Thanks for watching and share with anyone you know that is even slightly interested in Trials :)

      What a corporate shill.
      I bet you are out getting wined and dined by the developers and rubbing shoulders with celebrities arranged by the publisher. What a sellout

        Shill, another buzz word bandied around by commenters with little understanding I what it means.

          Really? Shill is a buzzword? I don't hear it or read it that often.

          Also, I think Tigerion was maybe joking? It kind of hard to tell in a comment.

            No doubt he's joking. I'm just over the word shill.

          So a customer, (with a 'secret' relationship with the developers) encourages others to buy a game buy telling them how much he enjoys it.
          Sounds fairly accurate for the definition of shill to me, what part of it don't you think fits?

            I know its now a discussion about the definition of the word but dont want people to think im dodgy :(

              Sorry Shady, I'll stop now. I know you do what you do because you love it and for no other reason. Which shows in how thankful you are of mark posting this.
              I'm just super jelly of the experience you had (and well deserved) and didn't think of that comment beyond being a direct message to you.

                nah I totally got it man, all good. Just started thinking about this from someone who doesn't know me/us and I worried a little.

                But that is likely be just being paranoid rather than anything else :)

                  Oh and any word on if the new games will have cross platform leaderboards?

        I totally was man. But all that shows is the devs are awesome dudes. :).

        But now im back at my insurance job like a regular dude :(

          Oh how the mighty have fallen ;)

            You have no idea dude. In a 4 hour workshop about boring stuff. I want to go back to my gaming life.

    "breeze through"? Not quite. More like "break fewer controllers/bones while negotiating some of the later levels"

    I never press B, I always just restart

      That was my statergy going into Evo. But on the extream tracks I did because I felt it gave me more direct practise on a part while it was still fresh.

        Oh yeah, I'm mainly talking about easy to hard tracks. Extreme tracks for me are a matter of just passing the track first and then I will replay it trying for less and less faults. I keep playing it and I'll restart if I get more faults than my personal best. I keep that up until I've got it to 0 faults.

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