Even Trials Has A Montage! (An Amazing Montage)

I have a confession to make: I love those crazy 'OMBWTFBBQHEADSHOT' 'pro' montages, particularly if it's from a game that I play and love. I think I just enjoy watching people be really really good at things. This is why I loved this Trials Evolution montage by vladiiiiiiii — it's a video of someone doing some incredible stuff in Trials Evolution.

It only works because Trials is such a skill driven game. If you don't play the game some of the crazy skill might be lost on you, but if you've ever tried to pull off some of these tricks you'll understand just how well put together this video is.

Either way, you should totally watch this!

Via The University of Trials


    What do you mean 'even trials has a montage'? Of course Trials has a montage.

    Stop making me want to buy Trials, I'm terrible at that game

    Just saw where you got the link from... Man that University of Trials is good, everyone is talking about it. And the guy making them is just soo handsome and I hear he is awesome too. :)

    Thanks Mark for putting this up, I wan't Vladiiiii to get all the kudos for this, it is just such an awesome vid and glad you enjoyed it. Hope others do to.

      Duuude how is that new riddle coming along?

        Man you are best to check out the riddle thread yourself. Its more crazy and complex than the prior one by a multiple of 5. Seriously im struggling. Fun though ;)

    Pfft, I've done AT LEAST one of those tricks before! By accident I'm sure but I still did it so it counts

    Nothing beats the feeling when it all just comes together

    Hahaha, maaaad.
    You are making me want to play Trials again.

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