Today Is Trials Evolution Day!

Today Is Trials Evolution Day!

Here at Kotaku Australia, we have a bit of a storied relationship with Trials HD, and if pushed I’d say it may be my favourite XBLA game of all time, so I thought it might be worth mentioning that today is Trials Evolution day! Today the game is being released on LIVE, and we have this launch trailer to show for it.

Why does Kotaku have a storied relationship with Trials HD? Well, there’s the fact that our community plays it intensely, and the fact that a member of our community, FatShady, put together the video that solved the Trials Riddle, and posted it here on this very site.

I’ll be checking out Trials Evolution tonight. If you guys are interested in playing, my gamertag is DriestBobcat. My friends list is full at the moment, but I intend to clear out my list tonight to make room for new folk! Feel free to drop your gamertag in the comments below and I hope to see you guys online!


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