Trials Evolution Will Make You Want To Hurt Yourself

From what I can understand, there are a number of big Trials HD fans frequenting this site, which is why we thought you might be interested in this - the debut trailer for the next step in the Trials franchise - Trials Evolution.

There's very little gameplay in the trailer - but there's probably just enough to have you squelching and squeeing in anticipation. Trials HD continues to be one of my favourite ever Xbox LIVE Arcade titles, and I see no reason why this new effort will be any different.

Godspeed Trials Evolution.

Thanks Fatshady!


    Multiplayer confirmed 4 player
    Outdoor and indoor environments confirmed
    Day night confirmed
    Global custom track sharing via track central confirmed

    Thanks for the post Mark.

      Also curved driving lines so that 2D plane will now be bent (what is this crazy new dimension?)

        Oh crap, an extra LBP style dimension might make the Extreme tracks look like Easys again! :-O

    ARGH. I sucked so hard at Trials and I know I'm going to suck even more at TE. I'll expect my friends list to be full of people hoping for an easy game when this one rolls around.

    Well it was a rather disappointing trailer, needs more hilariously painful crashes

      It is a teaser rather than a trailer... and if you see my comments above, I would argue that this teaser and the comments attached had more confirmed details than just about any other teaser I have seen...

      Pretty good IMO.

    I got 3 of my friends onto Trials HD (you'd be surprised how many people just don't know about these things!) during one of the sales last year.

    I want to see moar!

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