Why Not Enrol In The University Of Trials

Why Not Enrol In The University Of Trials

I truly believe that for all the difficulty of Trials Evolution it is, at heart, a very accessible game. Mastering it, however, is where things get a little trickier. That’s where the University of Trials comes in, an initiative started by our very own FatShady to help folks understand the intricacies of my own personal game of 2012!

You can check out the very first video above. It’s an introduction to the whole concept, and it’s quite funny. More importantly, it’s actually informative. If you’ve ever thought about getting into Trials Evolution, or if you’re a lapsed player, it’s well worth watching. Also, it’s just well put together and entertaining.

Nicely done FatShady!

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  • Thanks Mark for posting this.

    Im really keen to hear from Aussie Trials riders and where possible focus on the local riders. I also should have a few competitions available only to Australia and NZ residents, so follow/subscribe if you enjoy that kind of stuff.

    Im hoping to put the next class out late this week.

    Really keen to hear what you think about this and feel free to make any suggestions about the content you’d like to see covered.

    Professor FatShady 😉

    • I’m only going to watch it if you sing the two theme songs that play at the beginning of the game

      • You are so funny.. I literally had a camera in front of me last night (you’ll understand in the next class) and those songs started playing.. I think to myself “Oh, this will be funny, I’ll sing these” then suddenly realised as I started that drunken mumble where you only sing the last word of each line that I have no idea what he’s saying in some of the songs..

        I know Ben knows the words 🙂

    • One thing I’d dearly love to learn is the gentle lean back followed by the rapid flick forward that most of the top players use on jumps to gain heaps of distance. I can do it on occasion but not consistently and that’s the thing that I think is keeping me out of the top rankings.

      I’m in the top 25 on a few tracks on the pc version but if the leaderboards were shared with the 360 version I’d be unlikely to be in the top 100

    • I’ve just had another idea: Would it be practical for you to do a “What the hell am I doing wrong?” bit, let fans send you details of their replays for tracks they just can’t quite crack and you tell them what the right thing to do is?

      • In reply to both your posts… first off, I absolutely plan on getting to that flick jump technique (may have to look up those names, or perhaps we stick with flick jump thing?) in future episodes. All going well I will try making that happen.

        If I never get to it, the only advice I can give you is that it relies upon millisecond precision to change your weight at the exact right time. Most of the tracks that really need that to get a top run, I will restart 20-40 times before a get a clean jump like that and then just hope that you can hold it together for the rest of the track. But please keep in touch with me and I will make sure that I explain that technique at some point.

        As for your second point, again, you are spot on. I realised before i released the first class that there are only so many ‘lessons’ you can teach for a game with one stick and two triggers 😉 As a result, I am toying with a few ideas but the one that stands out if your one, to show a reply, do a WTHAIDW then perhaps record their new replay after a few weeks and see how they have improved.

        I don’t pretend to be the best at this game, all top guys mop the floor with me. If I get a good run on PC at the moment, I can get top 10 but that is about 200+ in the console version. Hard to tell where you are.

        • The real problem I have with the now officially named flick jump thing is getting the front wheel just enough off the ground, when I have that the jump part is fairly easy but I just can’t mono to save my life (to say nothing of getting that bloody achievement in origin of pain)

          Its kind of humbling to compare the PC & Xbox scores, I’m something like 24th in the world on one of the medium tracks on the PC version, I compared my time to the leaderboard on the xbox an hour ago and my score wouldn’t have been in the top 1000

          In retrospect, I think the “what the hell did I do wrong” idea wasn’t quite right, seeing as how its trials, it should probably be named “What the bzdfnbae[[mamsya40w4TC-0QTQE0TUM[[email protected]*($ui^*[email protected]%$(*[email protected]%p)ryf&^)_!e did I do wrong”

          • Serious question, do you have a patent on “What the bzdfnbae[[mamsya40w4TC-0QTQE0TUM[[email protected]*($ui^*[email protected]%$(*[email protected]%p)ryf&^)_!e did I do wrong”?

            Unfortunately, practice… you dont need to mono as such, just take VERY careful note of the speed and angle that the riders use adn try to mimic that. easier said than done I know, but remember that these guys don’t always hit those jumps, you are seeing the 1/50 that it worked… Don’t lose heart. There are shortcuts on tracks that I can only get in 1/100 attempts, but if you keep going for them often enough, you will pull it off one day. I’ll also suggest playing a particular track like that for 20-30 mins a day, but no more as you get frustrated and develop bad habits. Try coming back to it regularly for a week or so and you’ll surprise yourself I think.

          • Heh no copyright, feel free to use it if you like. If you’re doing audio, I was envisioning it as a series of beeps punctuated by deep intakes of breath followed by the sound of smashing glass.

            One thing I’d love them to add for the next trials is a counter saying what run of the track a particular replay is on. I’d feel a lot better seeing a spectacular score knowing it was the person’s 3952nd attempt. I’d also love to see per-bike leaderboards, it’d be neat to have competition not only for the best overall time but the best time on each bike. If someone can beat Inferno 3 on the rattler, their time would suck compared to someone on the phoenix but damn would it still be a worthy score

  • I really should get around to platinuming the 3rd DLC. Got platinum on everything else on HD and Evolution

  • Awesome idea!

    I’m average at best on xbox and can’t yet afford the PC version but it’s a must buy. I’m stoked it made it back to PC.

    All too often I find myself wondering how people navigate those Ninja courses? What tricks of the trade do I lack which would also greatly improve my riding overall? I’m fine up to the lesser extremes but those Ninja creations are beyond my mere mortal ability.

    I love this game to death. And the death of me it will probably be.

    • I actually don’t plan on including Ninja stuff in this series.. tbh I dont enjoy them myself and they are for the 1/100000 players. I really want to focus on how to make this game that much more accessible for those who perhaps just have not clicked with this game. That’s my mission anyway. 😉

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