This Amazing Gotye Parody Longs For 'The Star Wars That I Used To Know'

I've heard Gotye and Kimbra sing "Somebody That I Used To Know" approximately one billion times. I am, I guess, like 50 per cent sick of the song. (It's a very good song.)

But this? This is pure brilliance. Eddie King and Tyler Marshall from Teddie Films have made this spectacular parody of the song and its companion video, and it's just... man. It takes everything that makes the original song and video so great (That chorus! That paint!) and puts it through a filter of hilarious Star Wars bitchery.

Just when you think the dead "Star Wars Sucks Now" horse is well and truly beaten, something like this comes along and makes beating it feel fresh again.

But you didn't have to change it all

make em like they never happened and the fans are nothin

i don't even need your love

treat me like a bantha and it feels so rough.

(Via Laughing Squid)


    bahaha. love it. fuck u lucas, i want the original on bluray

      I couldnt have put it more succinctly.

    The green screen joke at the end cracked me up.

    That's Tyler from Survivor 18 + Heroes & Villians. He's so awesome, funniest survivor contestant ever

    How rude, they didn't even mention Goyte in their credits speech. I'm sure Goyte is behind all the music you just heard, not the other guy they mentioned.

    Nice work anyway.

      He's credited in the writing on the right at least, at 4:09. Good point though. "He's the guy behind all the music you heard" is a bit emphatic to not mention Gotye. On the other hand, it's pretty much the most recognised song in the world right now.

        I haven't actually heard it. I don't understand the young people's music these days. All I know is it's too damn loud!

    Yeah, I tend to pause these videos once the actual media part is over.

    That's so well done and true that it's not even funny. Nice job.

    So instead of Gotye it's goiter, er sorry Lucas.Seriously the way that guy has raped the Star Wars carcass its like neckrofillia.

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