This Gaming Mouse Has A Spinning Fan

Taiwanese peripheral maker Thermaltake created this: a gaming mouse with a fan that, and I quote, "blows away your gaming tension and sweat". Better than just saying "it blows".

Thermaltake's Element Gaming Mouse Cyclone Edition's cooling fan is detectable, because, c'mon. The Cyclone Edition is the world's first pro-gaming mouse with a fan — and probably the last.

Black Element [TTE Sports]


    Sweaty hands playing computer games, thats a first world problem if I ever saw one.

    How fat do you have to be to need a fan on your knuckles? Fuck.

    Doubt it will be the last, thermaltake released a keyboard with the same thing about a year ago, and horribly enough sold heaps... it makes me sad seeing it in stores.

    you too, can have a sweat-free trigger finger

    Am I the only one who gets sweaty hands while playing games in the middle of summer? (and to js: no, I am not in the least bit overweight)

    I'd rather a comfortably warm fan on my hand. my mouse hand gets really cold.
    I wouldn't pay for whacky mouse though, I just turn the heater on.

    I would buy that!

    i get sweaty hands during winter and i'm VERY underweight, weight has no issue to do with sweaty hands

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