Today's Creepy Strangers Offer The Nintendo 3DS, Not Lollies

In the past, parents told children not to accept lollies from strangers. They might want to add something else to that list: video game portables.

Earlier this month in Hokkaido, Japan, a middle-aged man called out to a primary school student on her way home: "I'll give you a 3DS, so come here." Thankfully, the kid was smart enough not to approach him.

So kids, do not take lollies or game machines from strangers — even if you're offered rare Nintendo handhelds like a clear Game Boy, a Super Famicom Game Boy Advance or a Bathing Ape DS Lite. Just don't!

小学生に対する声かけに注意! [ほっかいどう安全安心情報]


    I was on a 4 hour train ride recently and there was that little green light. I knew someone on my carriage was a 3DS user, but who? As I walked to the restroom there he was, a 12 year old with his system sitting in front of him. I tried to keep the conversation brief, ascertaining what games we might have in common. His mother was looking at me, a man 3 times her son's age, with a strange look. But really my conversation wasn't with her and I just wanted a game of 4 swords. I felt like I was breaking social etiquette though. She needn't have given me the evil eye, I'm only interested in Princess Zelda.

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