For Poke Ball Lolly Containers, These Seem Nice 

In Japan, Bandai is releasing a set of Poke Balls. There's a total of 11 different Poke Balls in the set, and while they're designed to hold lollies (and not, you know, Pocket Monsters), these replicas are rather handsome.

[Images: Bandai]

Over the years, Japan has seen an array of mock Poke Balls. They're typically sold at supermarkets and contain small figures or lollies.

[Images: Bandai]

The latest ones from Bandai are certainly a set up quality wise. See for yourself in the Japanese language comparison video below:

Bandai released four different Poke Balls earlier this autumn. Priced at ¥7020 ($85), the set of 11 is not cheap.

[Image: Bandai]

But they do come with lollies, and who doesn't love lollies?

[Images: Bandai]


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