Um, Where The Hell Is Last Guardian?

There was one glaring omission today. There was one glaring omission last fall at the Tokyo Game Show. It was the same glaring omission.

It was The Last Guardian.

Kotaku saw the game in spring 2011, and it appeared to be progressing well. Appearances can be deceiving.

First revealed in 2009, development for the eagerly awaited game has been a mess — subjected to delays and even the game's creator leaving Sony (but staying on as a freelancer, so yay?).

Last December, there were even retail reports that the game was canned — something Sony denied.

Sony told Kotaku earlier this year that the game "absolutely" still existed and said that making the game was difficult. Sony later confirmed that it was bringing in developers from other Sony studios to help finish the game.

Yet, with what seems to be another no show, finished is the last thing this game seems to be. Maybe it's on the show floor, but it certainly wasn't at the Sony conference — no trailer, no news, no nothin'. E3 isn't over, and maybe Sony can pull a rabbit bird-dog out of a hat?

If not, see you at the Tokyo Game Show, Last Guardian? Maybe?


    Spoiler : the beast will die at the end and it will be very sad.

    My guess for the delays is in the manufacturing of the tissues that are including with the game.

      Happy tissues or sad tissues?

        Muscle tissues. It is very realistic.

          Well played, sir.

    As much as I want to crave this game, I'm finding it difficult. With so many shiny, new, awesome-looking games getting solid release dates and mostly-sane development schedules, this one just slips further off my radar.
    However, show me a snigget of gameplay footage and I'm all yours, The Last Guardian.

    What? They already announced last guardian will not be in e3 few months back.

    Probably TGS that is when they show Japanese games.

    "Sony later confirmed that it was bringing in developers from other Sony studios to help finish the game."

    This is a reason for delays. You don't really want to add a whole bunch of developers like that. The learning curve joining a software project midway is generally pretty steep. It is easy to add more time than you save.

    They have obviously brought in experts to meet some of the technical challenges. Any estimates they have at this point must be pretty hazy, but the addition of developers makes it sound like they are committed. When you hear more press about the game again you will know they have a more solid timetable.

    The moment I noticed TLG was missing, I teared up for Serrels.

    The Last Guardian and Heavy Rain were the only reasons I bought a PS3. The latter was a great game, but the former still eludes me. Wtf Sony?

    Where is Duke Nuk- oh... never mind

    Versus 13. I feel like noone cares about this anymore... Wah

      Although... I'm thinking it's gonna end up on wii-u for the ff 25th anniversary as FF15.

        Wouldn't be a Wii-u exclusive. Not after all the deals Sony has with Square Enix about the FF series. In Japan, FFXIII and FFXIII-2 were only released on PS3.

    My feeling is they had some real inspiration for Ico and Shadow of the Colossus and then when Sony said - hey can you make a game like that for the PS3 the well ran dry, I mean this is gone beyond the absurd 5 year wait for Grand Turismo 5 and we're headed into Duke Nukem country

    I just don't get it and I'm just dying to know: What is so damn hard about making this game?
    I know it's a pretty ambitious idea and must be hard to implement, but we've seen trailers before demonstrating how the game may work. I find it so hard to believe that whatever is holding them back would stop them from showing us a few new trailers to keep up appearances.

    So what is it Sony? What isn't working?

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