Now This Is How You Do Chun-Li Cosplay

Back when Kotaku asked who pulled off the best Chun-Li cosplay, there seems to have been one glaring omission: this.


The gentleman who donned this Chun-Li should have been front and centre in our round-up. Did I say gentleman? Sorry, I meant hero.

Chun-Li Cosplay [Cheezburger via Pony Effect]

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    You also missed Yaya Han's awesome cosplay but this is also one that was missed

    Actually, looking at that cosplayer and looking at images of Chun-Li, I have come to the conclusion that that is truly a rather poor cosplay attempt.

    there is a dude that is comfortable with himself. awesome.

    Well, people are always complaining that Kotaku doesn't cover enough male cosplay. Wish granted.

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