Valve And Adult Swim Collaboration Premiering Next Week

Valve, the people who make Team Fortress 2, and Adult Swim, the beloved block of Cartoon Network shows for grown-ups, are teaming up for something TF2-related.

It's happening next week. That's all we know! Fail to learn much more here.


    I would love something Aqua Teen Hunger Force related! Best show on adult swim. Too bad they hardly play any adult swim stuff here though.

    I thought Adult Swim went under years ago...? Used to have anime on cartoon network but it failed miserably (possibly because although people will watch anime, they won't watch it at 2AM)...

    So it's still alive and kicking in America aye?

      There's probably enough adult swim content these days to create a whole channel out of it. It's very much alive. Here though they only play it for half an hour during the afternoons on weekdays and for 1.5 hours on a Saturday night on the comedy channel.

        Seriously, Austar needs an anime channel. So many people would watch it.

          As long as its not dubbed

            Most adult swim content in Oz is on comedy channel nowadays. (Archer etc).

      Adult Swim has returned on Comedy Channel, but only the original comedy programmes, not the anime. There are more premieres of original shows than there were on CN, but then the classic shows like Space Ghost Coast To Coast and Sealab 2021 haven't been back on either. Espec since Sealab is a predecessor to Frisky Dingo and Archer. Madman has also released most of the DVD's here aswell.

      And I hope its a series or even a short animated film. After what AS did with Scott Pilgrim, im surprised that didnt get a full series.

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