Team Fortress 2's Meet The Pyro Adds New 'Doomsday' Mode

Team Fortress 2 fans will finally "Meet the Pyro" in "less than three days," according to the official blog for Valve's popular multiplayer game. (A countdown clock seems to place the debut at 4am AEST.) This may tie into Valve's tease last week that it was teaming up with the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim for... something.

To celebrate, Valve will release a new TF2 map and mode called Doomsday, which has players on the Blu and Red teams competing to transport the precious element Australium to famed (and assumed dead) monkeynaut Poopy Joe's rocket so that he might win the simian space race against his rival Vladamir Bananas.

The new Doomsday mode will add 11 more achievements for the Steam version of the game.

There have been "Meet The..." animated shorts for the eight other character classes in Team Fortress 2, but none released since June 2011's Meet the Medic. The wait for the Pyro, has been a long one.

Pyromania: Day One [TF2 official blog]


    TF2 died for me the day the Mann Co store was released. I would have been deadly excited for this back then, but now? Meh. Everyone else can have fun with it though.

    Kind of lame how 2 of the Achievements for this new map seem to be exactly the same ones from the Foundry map. (The Fight Stuff, and Flight Crew)

    Also guys refer to the contents of the locked second container:

    Looks interesting, I'll play some tf2 again when it comes out.

      ive been itching to jump back on it too... might jump on tonight

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