TF2’s Meet The Pyro Is Coming. In 2012.

TF2’s Meet The Pyro Is Coming. In 2012.

Team Fortress 2 is a pretty great game, but the best thing about it are Valve’s marketing shorts, which introduce each character with the kind of animated quality you’d expect from a Pixar flick.

So far we’ve met, well, everybody. Everybody except the mysterious Pyro. But we’ll meet him/her soon enough, with Valve promising today that the final “Meet the” short will be out this year, and it’ll be “Meet the Pyro”.

Here’s Valve’s release:

The Last “Meet the Team” Short

That title probably deserved an exclamation mark, but we over-estimated how many we had and now we’re out. This year, the loveable, indecipherable Pyro finally gets some time in the spotlight. There will be blood. And not like in the movie There Will Be Blood, either, where there was only blood at the end, and not even very much of it. Ours has lots of blood pretty much all the way through. If the butterscotch mint-sucking old mummies who pick the Academy Awards thought Look Out, There Might Be a Little Blood was great, wait’ll they see how many gallons we managed to cram into our movie. They’re going to have to melt down Fort Knox to make all the Oscars we’re going to win.

TF2012! [Valve]


  • I think the Meet the Medic was the best one yet. Closely followed by Meet the Spy.

    ARCHIMEDES, NO! It’s filssy in zere!

  • I used to love, LOVE TF2.
    Playing as a spy was a real challenge, difficult but fair.

    But now, I can’t enjoy the game for more than about 5 minutes or so. Too much attention has been focussed on making the Demoman not a demoman, and making the soldier the ace of all trades. It’s become a bit of a joke.

    That being said, I always look forward to these videos.

    • Soldier was always ace of all trades though. There was basically no defence short of an uber a soldier couldn’t get past.

      Demo’s charge still seems OP to me though. But then again, stickies are just as lethal.

      • The solider used to be held back by his slow speed, slow rate of fire, low ammunition and that his rockets could hurt himself.

        Now, he’s got equipment that lessen explosion damage, let him heal himself, buff others, run as fast as the scout, fire rockets faster

        The demo is just ridiculous. He went from being the 2nd most difficult class to be good at, to being the “Sword Idiot”.

        • I was never held back by slow speed and rocket jump damage. I find it hard to play without a shotty in my inventory (which makes buff banners useless for me).

          That black box can eat me though.

        • Equipment that lessen explosion damage – Shoes that replace the shotgun. Still take fall damage. Rarely used

          Lets him heal himself – Rocket launcher, +15 health per hit at the cost of 25% clip size. Fair tradeoff

          Buff others – Buff Banner: Deal 600 damage for mini crit aura. Replaces shotgun. Concideing how often you can get caught out only having 4 (or less) rockets, unless you’re in a spot where you can hit a lot of people with it, you’ll miss the shottie.

          Run as fast as the scout – Equalizer. You run faster the less health you have. So while you run fast (375 speed vs Scout’s 400) you’re paper.

          Fire rockets faster – Incorrect. It’s fire faster rockets. -25% clip size

          It’s also impossible for someone to use all of those at once, so don’t act like the soldier can do everything at one all the time. They can just modify their play style a little.

    • Yeah, no. You make it seem as if all those buffs can be used at the same time which is ridiculously far from the truth.

      Everything in TF2 is perfectly balanced between power and skill. If you’re having issues, it’s not the gear it’s you and nothing more.

      Don’t blame the game because you suck at it.

      • They kill any class in almost 1 hit anyway, doing over 100 base damage, and the equalizer also increases damage the lower health you are. Why cant the soldier just have a shooting system like the snipers, powerful but slow, not fire one rocket after the other, cause when there are 3-4 on a team, it just gets impossible to even try. Limiting a clip of the four rockets is hardly a draw back, where as other classes involve slower spin up (heavy) or 20% or more less damage on every gun except the default or one other (spy)

        Just comparing the amount of buffs their items give to every other class is kind of pathetically op. As it stands, Demos seem more balanced atm, as they actually can blow themselves up engaging close combat, not shoot at their feet without gunboats, dealing 100+ damage to you while they only take about 1/4 of that.

    • With you on that one Jordaan. People who never played TF2 when it was released (or TFC, or if you’re old schoo like me, QWTF), won’t understand how much of a money-grabbing abortion it’s become. I still manage to have fun sometimes when I’m playing with some pro-gaming friends who hate the extra flashy tinsel like myself, but the point is TF2 is about as much a part of the TF franchise as World Of Warcraft is to Doom.

      On the topic of this article though, can’t wait!

      • Your analogy is bad, and you should feel bad.
        Doom had a few games that relied on the same formula, and expanded on it.

        There was TFC, and then TF2. Not exactly a franchise there, bud.

  • Who else thinks they might unmask the Pyro in this video? For some reason I keep imagining that there’s a gorilla or something similarly outlandish under that suit. Oooh! I bet he’s actually a robot! Heheh, I’m having fun already.

    • It’s possible, but I think they’re more likely to do either captions for the mumbles or leave the mumbles untranslated and have the Pyro holding up crayon pictures to tell his story, along with little pyro, already in his gas mask, watching a match burn, playing with a lighter, that sort of thing.

    • Given the handbag in a few of the locker rooms; I’m guessing the pyro will be revealed as a she…

      …oh, and I’m calling a hint to HL3.

  • Pyro unveils his mask to be……Gordon Freeman this whole time, before retiring from TF2, to star in HL3….one can dream

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