Watch 20 Minutes Of Resident Evil 6 In Action

At E3, the press got to see a whole bunch of Resident Evil 6 in action. Evan noted how much more action-packed the game is than even past Resident Evil games.

Now, you can see it in action for yourselves. The video above is actually part two of the two videos that have been posted, because… well, because the whole thing starts out super slow and I figured you'd want to skip to the good stuff. (That good stuff really beginning around the 6:00 mark.)

If you feel like watching lots of exploration and tension-building, you can start by watching the first part:

I like how Resident Evil characters hold their pistols when they move. Who knew that a pistol-stance could be so recognisable?


    No surprise. They didn't learn from RE 4 & 5. Fix your f**king script! The back and forth dialogue between the characters is awful.

    Does Leon look like Jamie off Game of Thrones?

    Really nice pacing and suspense. It feels like a mixture of old and new Resident Evil! Most importantly, with the surround sound turned up and the lights dimmed, this would be creepy as hell!

    least theres zombies in it

    why is the voice acting so terrible in these games? It doesn't add charm it takes away from the experience.

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