Watch The Movies That Inspired The Games!

I'm currently down in Melbourne, to attend the opening of the Game Masters exhibition, and attend some of the talks scheduled. As part of the exhibition, it looks as though the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is putting together a well curated set of cinema showings: of the movies "that inspired some of the world's leading game designers.

The showings will run from July 1 until July 22.

So far the movies announced are...

- Akira - Escape From New York - Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior - Heavy Metal

I reckon that's a good selection — but I think perhaps one of the most influential movies of all time, particularly when it comes to video games, is Aliens. I can't think of a game that, from a visual standpoint, has influenced more video game science fiction.

Still it's a good selection. I've always wanted to see Akira at the cinema, and seriously — would any post-apocalyptic video game look the same if it wasn't for Mad Max 2?

Head to the ACMI's homepage for more details.


    Escape From New York is awesome, I wish they would bring back Snake already...

      Snake? Snaaaaaaaakkkeee!

      Oh wait, the *other* Snake.

    I have to go back and watch Akira again. My 14 year old brain could not work it out.

      Same here. Something about a massive teddy that explodes milk? I should revisit this one.

    Mark: it looks like the Peter Molyneux event is cancelled. Will he not be at the exhibition at all any more?

    strange how they're all post apocalyptic... coincidence?

    I'VE... GOT... AKIRAAAAA!!!
    *head explodes*

    Akira is awesome. So is New York. And Aliens. And Mad Max...1


    I'd add Blade Runner (everything cyberpunk), Aliens (everything space-mariney) and The Matrix (everything bullet time). Maybe The Killer for old school bullet time :)

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