What Are You Doing... Right Now?

Tuesday, 11am. It's the time where we talk about stuff that isn't necessarily focused on games. You thought I'd skip this week because of E3? You're wrong! Today's question is simple: what are you doing... right now? Where are you? Are you working? At uni? At home?

Me, I'm at home prepping for the Sony liveblog after roughly three hours of totally interrupted sleep. I'm buggered. How are you guys?

I'm surrounded by chocolate wrappers, empty cans of Pepsi Max and, randomly, a Boost juice.

It's going to be a long day.

What are you guys up to?


    I'm at home. Happy to refresh for trailers, but not interested in sitting through the presentations themselves.

    Right now? I'm at home, on my computer, typing this!

    I really need to study for my exams on Monday and Tuesday next week as I know pretty much nothing for them but... just... no motivation... especially after the exam I just did yesterday... pfft!

    So my day will consist of me trying to study and me trying not to study.


    Uhh... it's actually 11am.

    Sitting at my desk waiting for the sun to creep high enough to paint me some Warhammer 40k Mandollies. Sadly I'm working overnight tonight out of the blue, so will miss the Nintendo E3 presentation and chat-room shenanigans that my web community of choice indulges in every year :(

    I'm at work, designing presentations, uploading files to printers, and frantically trying to balance what I can only called "panic stations" and occasionally refreshing my browser for any E3 hype. I need a coffee but I've cut down on my intake lately, so I need a tea. Dear god.

    Work /o\

    Also just ignoring the general E3 hype train. It's just not worth getting exciting about this stuff so far away from whenever it will actually be released. The marketing machine seems to be more important than the games themselves.

      something something GET HYPE!

        "Get hype" just doesn't sound right.

        Clearly, it should be "get hype, son!" It's the son that makes it.

    I'm at work... bought to walk up to Scorptec for a Logitech G500 and BenQ XL2410T though!

    Working. At an office in Melbourne CBD. Railway drafting won't do itself unfortunately.

    Pretending to work whilst following the HYPE TRAIN!?!

    Working. Well, not really. I'm posting in TAY and pretending to write training documents for my co-workers so they don't call me two minutes after I start my parental leave.

    Working. Playing [game name] on PC, ticketing bugs, wanting to sleep. Can't wait to see what Ninty reveals tonight.

    Taking a break from overdue work around the house to check out the news from Sony's E3 thing. I'm procrastinating because my next job is to hem some curtains and I really don't feel like doing it.
    Hmm...it's nearly 12, maybe I'll have some lunch first....

    Currently supervising year 8 before they have a science exam whilst writing report comments whilst browsing kotaku.

    I'm at work, it's drab.

    I'm also updating my blog! I'm reviewing retro games in the hopes that people who missed them the first time might go back and check them out, or new gamers who are looking to find out more about the games that shaped our current generation!

    In terms of a shameless plug check it out: http://retreviews.blogspot.com.au/
    It's good reading!

    Constructing training documents (get out of jail free cards) for when I'm on holidays, chasing payments, chasing documents, yelling at tradesmen and just generally being an all-round annoying sunnuvvabich today.
    Enjoying the HYPE that's around the place though.

    Working. Database scripting. Kotaku is blocked so I take a break every now and again to check the mobile browser.

    Should be doing: SCIENCE
    Actually doing: Streaming SONY conference and Game 5 of the NBA playoffs. 'Mon Spurs!

    Yep, place me in the work bucket too...... though the productivity meter is reading pretty low today.... can't imagine why ;-)

    I am working... or at least pretending to work. In actuality I'm refreshing Kotaku for the latest E3 tidbits and daydreaming about playing Max Payne 3.

    Sitting at desk waiting for next class to teach. Just refreshing whenever possible since this network doesn't allow vid feeds

    At 11am I was on the phone with one of our solicitors about an absolutely ludicrous liability claim someone is making, and absolutely not in touch with what was happening at E3. Good thing these presentations haven't been more interesting or I'd regret not taking leave this week instead of last week.

    If I'm posting on Kotaks, I'm clearly at work. BUT YAY FOR KOTAKS BRINGING LIGHT TO MY WORK LIFE!

    At home. Called in sick. Watching the conferences live and refreshing GT videos.
    Loving it.

      Ha. You called in sick to watch the presentations? Or are you actually sick and it's just a pleasant coincidence you can watch the conferences? Please, tell me it's the former.

    Just a heads up, there was an at code in the last ubisoft e3 video that lead to Dotconnexion.ubi.com pretty cool

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