Zeno Clash II Will Punch You In The Face, Co-Op Style

Like Zeno Clash? With Zeno Clash II, the first-person melee brawler is getting a sequel that promises a bigger world, populated with crazier enemies and more punches.

The open world game features a new "lock-on" function during fights as well as role-playing elements to gain more strength or defence. Zeno Clash II will also feature drop-in/drop-out online cooperative multiplayer.

Zeno Clash II is headed to Xbox Live Arcade, the PSN, and PSN in early 2013. Read Kotaku's review of the first Zeno Clash.


    No PC? NO PC?

    Another disappointment I will learn to live with I suppose.

    OMG! Zeno Clash UE was amazing completely fell in love with the world and great story ;) bring on the head kicks!

    I'm pretty sure it will be available on PC:


    Xbox Live, PSN and PSN. One of those was meant to be steam.

    That there is the first exciting announcement I've heard from E3 this year.

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