'60s Robin Is A Hilariously Unsuitable Sidekick For The Dark Knight

The new era of Batman might be a little too... dark for the likes of '60s Robin, who is the kind of guy that poses with his hands on either hip. His lines are full of cute puns and childish cuss words.

I mean, his outfit doesn't even match the glossy black of Batman's. How can they be a duo without matching outfits?!

The Dark Knight & 60's Robin [YouTube via Reddit]


    The people from saturday night live bring you the big budget version of this video

      that was horrible

      Haha that was pretty funny too! But yeah I see your point exact same idea.

    That video had very high production value, judging from the costume quality.

    Need I say it? He's the sidekick Batman deserves, but not the one he needs right now.

    You might want to check this one out too. Production value isn't as high, but it's more entertaining: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBjzfNd-Zv4&list=PL65F4EA84ED879773&index=3&feature=plpp_video

    '60s Batman would also be hilariously unsuitable in the current, ultra serious, Batman universe...

    Was anyone else waiting for batman to break Robin's spine at the end when he picked him up, Bane style?

      No, though I was waiting for Batman to just change his mind, drop him and walk off

        While Bane was punching Robin, I was waiting for him to turn to Batman and say "Well?"
        Then Batman say "No, you keep going."

    "Too dark." Goes to watch Batman Returns.

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