A Moving Tribute To The Last Man Alive In Minecraft

What happened to the world? Where have all the Steves gone? And will this Steve ever find happiness again?

Via the wide world of Reddit comes this majestic (no, really!) video from YouTuber Kiwix86. Good stuff. I would play this game.


    Cannes Film Festival here i come.

    Awesome clip, poor Steve.

    Just a question: I am seeing this texture pack they used a lot nowadays in Minecraft videos. I really like it!
    Does anyone know the name of it? Is it free or do I have to kill a creeper with a mooshroom to get it?

      I know! I was blown away by that texture pack myself!!!

      SPHAXPUREBDCRAFT 128x128 (could even be the 256)

      Its the hunger games surivival map which im sure you can find via the yogscast somewhere.

      Theres also the lighting mod that comes with voxelbox, you'd need to look that up seperately.

      MCPatcher and Optifine.

    You could put that music behind an aerobics video and it would be sad and moving.

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