He Put Minecraft In Minecraft So You Can Play Minecraft While You Play Minecraft

Hans Lemurson builds redstone computers in Minecraft, which led to the joking question of whether he could build one that plays Minecraft. Well, the answer is yes, sort of.

This is a very crude 2D platformer that allows you to move around and modify terrain. "It's not truly Minecraft, but it's about as close as you can come with redstone," Lemurson says.

Yeah, but can you make that make Minecraft and then play both? Hmmmmmm?!


    A story on my computer on a video of a game inside a computer inside a game on another computer.
    Makes perfect sense.

      and now I've gone cross eyed

      You mean, you're watching a video, in a browser, on a computer, about a video game, on a computer, in a video game, on a computer?


    The computer for that must be insanely large and complex. But I'm sure once the minecraft world evolves to the point of the silicon chip he can really pare it down.

    O noes where's my totem?!

    yo dawg, I herd u liek Minecraft!

    wow... Watching how he made the thing as well...

    SOme people have alot of skill and time on their hands..

    Well at least alot of time for some ppl :/

    Amazing work tho..

    Ahhhhh but can you you get your minecraft in minecraft to play minecraft???!?!?

    why are all of these guys people so friggin' smug.

    Gentlemen, we have recursion. Well done.

    Watch the 2nd clip of this (the actual computer). I was praying to see a creeper round the back. Yes i know it was not survival mode but that machine is precious and it would be hilarious seeing him have to deal with one! + his 'tude started to shit me.

    I don't get all the calls of him sounding like a douche. He's funny.

    Thatsss a very nicssse computer you have there!

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