Black Ops II Pre Order Bonuses At Amazon, Best Buy And Gamestop Now Include Nuketown 2025

Do you love Black Ops? Do you love Nuketown? Do you wish you could pre-order Black Ops II and go back to Nuketown? Well you can!

Major retailers have updated their pre-order bonuses to reflect the recently announced Nuketown 2025 map being made for Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

The fine fellas at MP1st we're nice enough to grab the links to all the majors and you so you can check out the deals at Amazon, Best Buy and Gamestop respectively.

You can learn more about Nuketown 2025 at the official website.


    Now come someone clarify, is this a joke? The bonus pre-order is one map?

    What if people don't pre-order they'll then have to buy one map? What would they charge for one map? Does it mean they'll forever be dumped out of servers when the map comes up?

    Or is the map actually like a seperate game mode. Just Nuketwon 24/7?

      "Now come someone clarify, is this a joke?"
      I had the exact same thought when they announced BlOps 2.

    So, if you preordered before this time, do you miss out on the map? and any other future bonuses they have planned?

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