DayZ Creator Ponders Free-To-Play Version

DayZ, the Arma II mod that places players in a tense, realistic survival against a zombie outbreak, is easily one of the most compelling PC games of the year. It's amassed more than 400,000 users since its release in April. And if its current rate holds, it will surpass half a million sometime in the next week, the mod's creator said yesterday.

"We've got 420,000 now. We'll have 430,000 tomorrow," Dean 'Rocket' Hall, the mod's creator, told Eurogamer. Hall was appearing at Rezzed, a PC and indie game show going on this week in Brighton, England.

In the panel, Hall said he wanted to see DayZ become a standalone game, possibly free-to-play. Hall is a multiplayer designer for Bohemia Interactive, the maker of Arma II.

DayZ's meteoric growth has torched five servers, Hall said. Really, they lost five servers to overheating. "We have trouble telling the difference between a DDoS and whether some YouTube channel has posted a video of the game," Hall said.

As for new features, Eurogamer reported that dogs will be coming to DayZ. Hall specifically said a German Shepard will be added, though more pressing matters have delayed its introduction.

Just how popular is DayZ? [Eurogamer]


    I'd prefer they didn't make it free to play. Assuming they're planning on making money in other ways by selling items in-game. Would definitely ruin a lot of the experience.

    View ARMA II on Steam and you get this message: "Day Z Mod requires Arma II: Combined Operations which is made up of Arma II and Arma II: Operation Arrowhead"

    Really kind of says it all about the popularity of this mod.

    I am yet to play DayZ, as I do not have the Arma II per-requisits, nor do I plan on getting them because I would never play them outside of the DayZ mod, and if I should not like DayZ... then it's money poorly spent.

    Also, to commenter #1 - I'm fairly sure that DayZ developers aren't charging for the mod now?

      Good Idea, servers are full enough alreay.

      So what your saying is that you won't buy a game you might not like?

      He gets profit out of it because he already works for the people that make arma 2...

      Yeah I'm more concerned that if it is a stand-alone free to play game, then they will want to get money from somewhere. Once this game is all polished, I will be happy to drop some upfront money for this. I won't be happy if I go to play this game and people can spend real money to have major advantages over one another.

    I just bought Arma II on the weekend just to try out DayZ. Honestly if I don't like it, I won't be crying about my lost $25

    Yeah if $25 is such a big deal to you dont buy it... or get a job...

    great game, not for everyone, but a very original idea... Would be awesome if they moved the IP across to the ARMA III engine eventually :)

      They are, it's a priority to the ARMA crew so much it may even be included in ARMA 3's official code.

        Well DayZ alone has brought in a cool 12.5 mil for them since it came out so it would be a good idea to do it lol.

    Bought Arma II. Played DayZ. At first, it had a very steep learning curve. Then I thought I had it all figured out. Running, sneaking, getting ammo. Finding barns, luring zombies into them to pick them off when they went slow...

    Then I realised I hadn't even TOUCHED on repairing and using vehicles! We fixed a truck after scouring the map for parts and cruised the whole damn map with half a tank... then ran out of gas! To youtube to learn how to get more gas! Jerrycans! So we refilled! Then we learned how to refill those!

    The game is outstanding, we had 3 of us creating our own fun. Running, looting, driving, exploring army bases, setting up missions to make a barn our base or to set up a tent in a forest and scrounge for '5 cans of beans, 3 drinks, 2 rifles, 3 morpheines ((for broken limbs)) and 10 random ammo clips' to bring back to the tents/truck for supplies.

    Then our truck damaged a tire and we had to find a new one, back on foot... instead of just soaring by the zombies we were back to stealthing by them, hoping they wouldnt see us, catch us, kill us or break our limbs (worse than death!!!!)

    The game really does end up creating its own fun. You just have to use your own imagination. If you want a game where you just grind grind grind then this isn't for you. If you want a true open world experience, this is.

    Helicopter sweetness!

    Seriously people. You whinge about spending oney on a game you might not like. You can't say you have never bought anything that you eventually figured was a waste of money.

    IMO, NO! This will not be a waste of money. I have lots of fun playing it and if they make it free-to-play I will not b***h like some people that they already spent money on getting it. If they made this a full blown release game that cost $100. I would still buy it.

    Hopefully if they do release it as a stand-alone ftp game, they will have their servers dramas fixed and streamlined. Only thing I don't like about the game. You have to allocate at least 10 minutes to getting on to a good server, and even then some servers crash, frequently.

    Playing this with friends is one sure way to make it last longer. Playing on your own is still a great experience. Trust me when I say that when you first encounter another player, the game changes dramatically. Should I shoot them? Are they going to shoot me? Do they want to team up? Do they have anything I really want/need? Do I have anything they would be willing to kill for?

    Does an awesome job of putting actual paranoia into a game.

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