Remember, The DayZ Game Is Still Coming

The actual standalone game DayZ, not the ArmA II mod DayZ, was supposed to be out by now. It's not, of course, and won't be for a little while, but if you'd like an update on how it's going, creator Dean Hall has posted this 10-minute video.

A note: this is "raw, unedited...pre-alpha footage, so it makes no effort to mask the variety of bugs. Our whole focus is on getting the alpha out, which means focusing on Multiplayer (server) performance."

So take it for what it is.


    Still looking forward to it a great deal.

    It's still in pre-alpha?? Jesus, I thought they originally said it would be coming out before the end of last year, and it's only at this stage?? Pretty disappointing.

      I dont want them to rush it but at the same time, this is moving ridiculously slowly. Someone correct me if im wrong but aren't they building the game off of a modified Arma engine? If so, it shouldnt be taking so long.

        Heavily heavily modified to perform more like an MMO, the biggest slowdown has been the network bubble which is one of the biggest changes, anybody who has been keeping up with development knows that the biggest changes are the fundamental under the hood improvements that will help increase network performance, reduce hacking and provide just a better experience all round, unfortunately they don't have a super massive team at their disposable so things may seem slow, Rocket doesn't want to put a date on anything for fear they won't make it. Hats off to them though, they've made great progress and they're all super involved with the community, I can't wait to get my hands on it.

          Also, that team got smaller when two of the team were arrested in Greece for 'espionage'. So, you know, there was that too.

      Since they said it was to be ready late last year they completely scrapped and redesigned the entire net code component of the ARMA engine. So, yeah I could image that process taking another 18 months.

      Please read into this more. They planned to release it as a standalone at the end of last year. Literally the same mod, nothing changed, just as its own ".exe" to launch as, not requiring ArmA to launch with the expansion running.

      Now they are developing a custom version of the Virtual Reality engine for DayZ, and adding a ton of details and extra stuff into it.

      hence why its taken a year extra almost.

    Why rush? Their biggest competition (WarZ) was shit.

      Now now, even shit has a purpose... The game formerly known as The War Z does not...

    Looks good. As a former avid DayZ player (not in the last six months though due to Uni), I can spot an immense amount of improvements just in that clip alone. Looks awesome!!!

      It really does look awesome, till then I'll keep playing wasteland when I'm bored

    Looks like they've got a ways to go yet. I'm hoping that combat develops considerably before release.

    Jesus it's so much better now, and I'm glad there is now a real incentive to go First Person now (The Compass is a good example of this) as Third Person is such a huge advantage, except for when your trying to kill something with a gun.

    I'll believe its a game when its actually released. Until then i've given up caring.

    Delays and procrastination...
    I hope Day Z Standalone delivers well. I mean every other game in the same genre as Day Z gets so much hate and fire.
    The Hype Train is huge... if it fails, I will laugh...

    I fear by the time DayZ SA is released many people will probably just think Zombies huh? That is so 2012! Good luck to the small dev team though, I am sure they are working as hard as they can to make a choice zombie game bro.

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