DayZ Standalone Game Will Address Hacking, Out Before The End Of 2012

Man, Reddit Ask Me Anything posts are becoming a really great source of developer feedback. This time round the topic is DayZ, and it's Dean "Rocket" Hall who is answering the questions. According to him, the standalone version of DayZ will be available in Alpha, "Minecraft stylez", before the end of the year. And yes, the team plans to address the hacking situation.

"[H]acking is an ongoing issue," said Hall. "ArmA2 was never designed for what DayZ is putting it through. With DayZ standalone we can address this issue without causing ArmA2 problems, so it can remain the product it is. It is something we will always have to work on, you cannot completely stop hacking."

The team intends to release the game in Alpha, and continuously update it, ala Minecraft. According to Hall, the team is hoping to release the game before the end of 2012.

"Alpha will be heavily discounted paid project," he explained. "The project will never be a full retail priced title, and the alpha will be heavily discounted. No prepurchase. But there will be a premium type purchase that contains some extra collectors edition type stuff like concept art prints etc... for those who want to throw money at the project."

For more information, it's well worth heading to the Reddit page itself. There are some great insights there.

Thanks Ausgamers!


    Oh no, now they've got you too, Mark. Bitten by the zombie that is the Reddit repost.

      Hardly. He's clearly read through the posts and distilled the important information for his headline into an easy to digest article.

        Yeah, I was there for the live AMA, and he's sorted through A LOT of responses to pull out the main points above...

      Sharing information around the internet, oh the horror! someone call the repost police.

      Hahaha! I knew that was coming. Just thought this was something easily missed that everyone would want to know about. :)

        Thanks for doing it. I had no idea that they were looking at a stand-alone product. Been waiting til the mod was further along before picking up ArmA2, now I can just grab the alpha.

      :( I think that is a large part of why I hardly seem to come here much anymore.
      Out of the content that is posted I am interested in maybe 10% of it, and nearly all of that stuff is straight off reddit anyway.
      I know that there are people who don't read reddit and that's cool, I'm just sayin'.

    *sigh* I'll be buying this. I'm giving DayZ a break for a while out of frustration, until I can find a good server to play on, but I have no problem backing well put together games like this and minecraft (bought 5 copies of minecraft for all the kids and nephews).

      I've been on a break for about a month now due to the ridiculous amount of hacking. It's made the game frustrating and pointless and I've got plenty of other games to play until it's "fixed".

      The standalone version can't come soon enough though and I'll be back day one, or perhaps Day2!

        Try AU 21... I've been hanging around there for the last few days after getting fed up with hackers on the other AU & NZ servers, and it seems to be pretty clean (unhacked)...

          Thanks for the advice :) A mate of mine revealed to me last night most of the trouble we've been having has been with hackers. Wall hackers, aim hacks etc. I unloaded an entire AK74 clip into one guy and he didnt die. It really did away with my enthusiasm for the game but I will indeed try that server on your recommendation, thanks :)

            Yeah, it's even worse when you can't tell whether you died from a hacker or a legitimate sniper... Anyway, hope you have some luck with AU 21, I'm Spyder J., so say hi if you see me around!

    I was tempted to buy ArmA 2 for the mod, but I think I'll wait for this now.
    It's also nice that the devs have listened to all those "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY NOW" posts on various message boards.


    Wow, it's coming out that soon?
    I've been interested in DayZ but have been holding out because of time, the effort of setting up the mod (which I have heard is a pain in the arse), and the mountain of unfinished games sitting on my desk. Perhaps this standalone release will finally bring me round.

      Buy and install arma II with expansion. Download Six launcher from dayz website and install. Find server on six launcher. Get killed in 15 minutes from hackers. Easy :)

    does the mean the ARMA/mod will be made redundant? seems annoying to split the playerbase though

      Apparently it wont? A press release a short while ago said the two products would continue to exist side by side? For how long I have no idea.

      Hackers will play mod. Real players will buy standalone.

    Hrmm. I. wonder how much this is going to divert resources from arma 3's development

      Arma 3 is finished, all they are doing now is adding the glitches and game breaking bugs.

    doh.. kinda wish I hadn't bought Arma 2 now..

      Same here. Feels like I wasted money

        Ditto; ARMA2 is a bad game.

    Seems like a great way to get people to pay for something twice. I know plenty of people only bought ARMA2 because of this mod.

      Well that's one way of looking at it, a more accurate way is that this is a great way of getting people to pay for something once. They bought Arma2 for this mod? Well they still bought Arma2 and not DayZ. Rocket gets nothing from those sales and has been using this as a testing ground for DayZ.

        Umm the guy that made DayZ works for the studio that makes ARMA..

    Okay- missing one of the main points - Rocket confirmed this is going to run on the Arma 3 engine - also this is not going to divert resources away from Arma 3 (which has already been in development for yonks) because he said in terms of mods the arma 2 eng and arma 3 eng are very similar and it is almost just a case of porting it across.

    The interesting thing for me is whether they stick with Chernaru sor move to Limnos. Something about a failed/post-Soviet state made the Zombies scarier. A pseudo-tropical Greek island just doesn't have the same impact!


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