DayZ Is Officially Being Turned Into A Standalone Game

It's been discussed before, but now it's official: smash hit zombie survival mod DayZ is being turned into its own game.

Dean Hall, the mod's creator, will be overseeing the game as project lead, and it'll be published by Dean's co-workers (and ArmA creators) Bohemia Interactive.

Hall says the game will "follow the Minecraft development model", which basically means "fast iterations with the community alpha available for a heavily discounted price."

Those already playing, don't worry: because development is taking place alongside support, "anyone who is playing the mod now will be able to continue to do so".

Can't wait to see what happens with a game actually built around the idea, instead of trying to force the concept onto a military sim that couldn't quite handle it.

The end of the beginning [DayZ]


    I've completely avoided playing the mod due to ARMA2s crappy inventory management and gun gameplay, hopefully they really upgrade them both, would love to play something like this at it's full potential.

      Yeah the inventory was a mess, I'm sure it's on their list of things to change asap.

      What's wrong with the inventory management/gun gameplay? I've never had any problems with it...

        The backpack/woodchipper combo that kicks in if you place something thats too many slots over, is fantastic fun

      You mean the same crappy inventory system that was carried over from Operation Flashpoint ?
      I agree it needs to be improved, just that BI hasn't shown much interest in updating it so far.

    This can only lead to good things.

      Absolutely! This will hopefully give the developers more ability with what they want to do and less restriction! Cannot wait! Will be getting in on this at the ground level :D

    Xenu willing they will do a Mac version. It doesn't bother me a great deal to run Windows as a second OS since I have to do that for other games anyway, but I have plenty of friends who won't go through that amount of trouble, but would jump all over a Mac version.

    But whatever, either way I'll buy it.

      +1 for mac version, highly doubt it'll happen though.

        Yeah it'd be a shitload of work for probably not a huge payoff. I'm playing DayZ under Windows now, so nothing really changes for me.

        Not gonna happen, Bohemia is publishing. If they didn't do it for ARMA, they won't do it for this.

          To be fair, this has a much better chance of being widely adopted than Arma.

      It works just fine on PlayOnMac - thre's a guide on the ARMA 2 forums.asas

    Fuck. Yes. There's a bright future for this game.

    Seen tons of videos, never played it but if the game stand alone is good enough, ill jump on board :)

    And now I well get it

    Now this is some great news... discounted price too? This is shaping up to be a damn fine tuesday.

    Oh man! hopefully smoother animations, more enter-able houses, shopping malls, more melee weapons, more clothing, the list goes on...............

    hopefully we wont have to go around fences

    Not looking forward to buying it again though (bought arma 2 for it)

    So what about all the people who bought ArmA II at full price just to play the mod? Does this mean we effectively have to buy the game again? I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation and unless "heavily discounted price" translates to "free for those who already own ArmA II as of the announcement", it's a pretty big middle finger to the people who already supported the mod.

      Not sure how it works on the back-end, did Arma2 give him any money for their increased sales? But it'll probably boil down to, you purchased Arma2 and not DayZ, regardless of the reason, it was an Arma2 purchase. If they give some money to the creator then they'll likely figure something out, otherwise it might just be a case of tough luck, unfortunately

        you didn't even read the article did you?

        "Those already playing, don’t worry: because development is taking place alongside support, “anyone who is playing the mod now will be able to continue to do so"”
        - you will still be able to play the current mod without paying extra.

        He has no obligation to make the vis-a-vis "sequel" free, as it will have it's own development cycle.

          that was directed at James btw, I accidentally the whole reply button

      Sorry, but you didn't buy DayZ. You bought ARMA 2.

      Everybody who has said to me "I'm thinking about buying DayZ" I reply "Don't buy ARMA2 for DayZ, buy it for ARMA 2, or you'll be disappointed".

      Just because it is going standalone, doesn't mean that you wasted your money. There are a ton of great mods for ARMA2 out there, so maybe you should try those?

      You paid 30 dollars to play an alpha which was always going to go standalone?


    I think the Minecraft development will suit DayZ. A perfect example of a playable game that is already being enjoyed but is extremely rough.

    I wonder if they'll eventually start coming up with "goals"? Surely it's needed to make the transition to a proper game.

      The goal is to stay alive. I don't want this to be a proper game with a story, cinematics, etc. Each user creates his/her own story and that is what makes the game so exciting.

      it already is a "proper game"

      you hunt around for guns/ gear etc, try not to get killed by zombies and other people, and when you have said guns you can do what ever you want.... trying to find parts for a vehicle is a good start.

      hunting other players is also rather fun... the whole aspect of "if you die, you start from nothing" is an awesome premise... I don't know why you need to have someone else set a "goal" for you to think it's a proper game.

        I see a lot of parallels between this and Minecraft and this is the exact issue that Mojang came across. To be able to sell this to the masses they are going to need to give you a clear point of progression. This doesn’t need to be anything cinematic. I heard some ideas jumping around a few weeks ago saying that perhaps there should be an ability to do chemistry – various chemicals would be incredibly hard to obtain and would likely take a joint effort of many people. There also isn’t any clear “recipe”. Once a cure is achieved, it would then need to be spread by a large number of players – curing all zombies. Perhaps give everyone a 24 hour window where there are no zombies and then they come back and the recipe is changed.

        The only real problem with the current DayZ is once you get some good weapons and supplies (which isn't that hard to do), the only thing left is to build a vehicle (for no real purpose). Once you do that. There is pretty much nothing to do. Sure you could kidnap other players or make funny videos but for me a game that doesn't have any point at the end is a little bit.... well... pointless.
        I'd like to see persistent stats like number of overall lives, longest survival things like that. It provides you something to work towards. Even achievements that could unlock different clothes or novelty items.

    better be on xbox

      better not

      lol no chance of it being on xbox

      although I enjoy it when I'm playing it, it reminds me of everything annoying about playing on a non dedicated gaming platform.
      Yes I know you can plot the course of the universe with the computing power of a gaming rig and have the satisfaction of having more gpu power than was used to create toy story, but i prefer the get in and start gaming appeal of a console.
      not the tedious faffing about that happens on a pc.
      and for all the "OMG IT WILL SET FIRE TO YOUR CRAPPY CONSOLE LOL!" logic, hell if they had modded red dead redemption for it instead of arma im sure it would run just fine

      You have got to be kidding me. This would not even have been thought of if it was on XBox. The PC Modding community made this what it is now and as a result we now have a commercial option because of it. This gestation period would never had happened on console, so if it does ever come to XBox, which is unlikley, it will be thanks to the PC Platform.

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