50 Useful Tips For Playing DayZ

50 Useful Tips For Playing DayZ

Being in alpha DayZ changes a lot day by day, and it’s easy to get lost in the ocean of bugfixes, nerfs and gameplay additions. What seemed like a great strategy the day before might not work the next day. That’s where YouTuber Wobo comes in, sharing some excellent gameplay tips.

Here’s the clip; it’s a really well-edited one, and relevant even for those who’ve already put hundreds of hours into the game. Better turn the annotations on for the sidenotes that contain some extra info.

50 Tips For DayZ | DayZ Standalone Tips & Tricks [WOBO, YouTube]


  • TBH, this bothers me too.

    It’s just the laziest form of “journalism”.
    Write it out, put a personal spin on it, offer some opinions or advice of your own…I don’t just want to watch vids, but I would have enjoyed reading an article on this subject.

    • Yeah, I’d have appreciated it if this was titled “Video tells 50 tips for playing DayZ”.

      Since you know, that’s the content of the “article”.

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