Dragonball Hair Is Even More Amazing In Real-Life

In Dragonball, Saiyan is the warrior race, and "Super Saiyan" is a super powerful, badass transformation that occurs when a Saiyan reaches a high level of power — indicated by their blond hair that sticks up.

Fantasy, you say! Well, just. But if it were real, it would look something like this — minus the white collared shirt. Magnificent hair pyrotechnics on display here.

Super Saiyan in Real Life [The Meta Picture via 秒刊SUNDAY]

(Top photo: Viz/MetaPicture)


    Wow, thats awesome now only if they could make a live action movie that doesn't suck and has awesome hair.

      Wow. I was having a nice day and then you reminded me of that movie. Now my entire week is ruined

      Dragonball Evolution, Just doing my job.

    I bet that guys a nob... I'm just saiyan..


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