Game Of Thrones' Jaime Lannister And Eddard Stark Fight With Lightsabres

YouTube user Joel935M was fooling around with rotoscoping in After Effects and picked a duel from Game of Thrones as a test case. A hundred thousand views later, he's beset by demands to rotoscope other fight scenes from the show.

"Hey, I know this guy (distracted him constantly throughout the making of this video)," says a guy who claims to know this guy, "and he said he's gonna try Blackwater." Well, that settles it, Joel935M. Let us know when its ready!


    No wonder it is popular. Game of Thrones is awesome and Sean Bean would make an amazing Jedi.

    I'll be impressed when he turns Tyrion into Yoda

    Video games

      If you want a website just about video games you should go to....well damn I don't know where. Pretty much every notable site has a mix. Tough shit.

    back in 1997 when I dreamed of the star wars prequel.... this is more damn accurate than 3 shit movies that came out instead.

    Better than every Star Wars fight, ever.

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