Giants Of Chinese Cosplay Bring You Lineage II And Evangelion

Our good friend Modashi (Mengjie Luan), has graced us once again with his cosplay photography. This time around the subjects of his camera are Chinese cosplayers Mei Wai and Tao Bao.

Mei is seen here portraying New Linage II's Goddess of destruction Shilen. Mei a long time collaborator with Meng has been featured on Kotaku before for her Chun-li and Tifa cosplay photo sets.

Tao, a famous cosplayer in China, is seen in this set as Neon Genesis Evangelion's Rei Ayanami. Tao, who has appeared a few times before in Meng's work, was also at one time a voice actress for China's CCTV animation channel. Tao will be present at this year's China Joy conference in a League of Legends outfit.

Recently Meng says he has been busy with his day job and unable to produce as many photo sets as he would like however he says after China Joy is over he'll be back to producing more amazing cosplay shots.


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