The Inevitable Cosplay Of Overwatch's Mei Supporting Hong Kong

Thursday, when Kotaku reported that Overwatch’s Mei had been turned into a symbol of the Hong Kong resistance, one commenter wondered if there would be cosplay of this at next month’s BlizzCon. Probably! But we don’t have to wait that long.

Redditor Zephronica uploaded these photos to r/HongKong of what has to be the first cosplay of Mei supporting the Hong Kong resistance.

Initially, Zephronica thought about burning the costume. “After the whole Blizzard fiasco, there was no way I could wear this cosplay in good conscience anymore, so I thought about showing displeasure by burning this cosplay,” the cosplayer wrote. “Though after seeing all the memes of Hong Kong Mei, I’ve decided that this is a much better choice.”

If you are wondering why there’s a maple leaf on the protest sign, Zephronica is supporting the protesters all the way from Canada.

BlizzCon will be held November 1 and 2. Expect Mei cosplay and support for Hong Kong.


    Looking forward to reports of Mei cosplayers being denied entry or ejected from Blizzcon next month.

      I doubt they will target Mei alone, whip out a gas mask or sign though and I bet they won't last long.

      I bet the Q&A, if it even goes ahead, will be heavily vetted and possibly on a delay.

        If Q&A happens AT ALL, it'll be either paid actors, or people with questions will submit them to a charismatic faceholder who will read it out in their stead, to ensure no last-second 'april fools' questions.

        Roadhog cosplay banned under new gas mask rules lol

    Oh I expect it, I just don't expect it to get any official coverage or air time.
    I also expect that folks are gonna find their expected to adhere to certain rules and that some might find themselves on the other side of those rules.

    Either way, dis gonna be good.

      Unless... unless Blizzard bows to Global pressure to stop suckling on China's teat and grows a spine.

      I don't see this going any other way. A 'morally responsible' statement, including apologies and vows to 'do better' (in generic, unspecified ways) in advance of the convetion: something for them to point to whenever anyone tries to complain during what was MEANT to be their redemption-year Blizzcon.

      Or... hostilities. Bitter, nasty, increasingly personal hostilities from those with a conscience in the face of Blizzard's tone-deaf arrogance and transparently disdainful attempts to silence any negativity as they attempt to lie and pretend that everything is awesome, best Blizzcon ever, such hype for new titles.

      It's going to be one or the other. I don't see any other outcome.

        I could see a somewhat tamer statement happening, combined with vetting. Something along the lines of "We understand our fans come from diverse backgrounds with diverse political views. While we respect your right to disagree, please understand that the staff who appear on our panels aren't involved in competition disciplinary decisions and aren't able to answer questions on those decisions."

        I also think it's less likely we'll see VPs on Q&A panels this year, to further reinforce that "aren't involved" element.

          That sounds like the most measured response.

          I'm 100% behind those that want to stick it to Blizzard/Activision but I also believe that if they choose to allow open protest of China and support for the HK protestors then they also need to allow the same for the pro-China voices in HK, China and abroad.
          Either way they're kinda screwed.

          "While we respect your right to disagree, please understand that the staff who appear on our panels aren't involved in competition disciplinary decisions and aren't able to answer questions on those decisions."

          Yeah, that's basically, "We don't want to talk about that here and now."
          Which is effectively just another way of what I was saying option 2 was. It might not be ejections, but ignoring the crashing elephant in the room is going to enrage people who want to protest, not mollify them. Which will probably HAVE to result in ejections.

          Blizzard fucked up and they don't want to talk about it? Yeah, most people who fuck up don't. But they don't GET to just have only positive press because they really, really want it and it's their special day. They have to earn it.

    There was a meme that purported that Blizzcon was banning Winnie the Pooh cosplay at the event. This turned out to be a fake, but the meme has caught on that people are planning to cosplay the honey loving bear at the con- and even set up a Facebook event, in the same fashion as the Area 51 raid.

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