Halo 4 Forges Ahead With New Capabilities For Making Maps

Halo 4 will get mapmaking support under the Forge toolkit that has long followed the series. A panel today at Rooster Teeth's RTX event in Austin, Texas revealed the new Forge's feature set.

A "ton of new user-friendly functionality" can be expected in Forge, write's Polygon's Griffin McElroy. Probably the biggest parameter controls described include "Player Trait Zones", which enforce traits such as run speed and jump height on any player who enters a space defined on the map. Another field can enhance or completely reverse the gravity field of an area on the map, for anyone who steps into it.

Certain Affinity, the developer of Crimson Alliance, is responsible for the new Forge mapmaking tools. The studio has created maps for the Halo series in the past.

'Halo 4' Forge mode in development at Certain Affinity [Polygon]


    I sure hope that Forge items generate shadows, otherwise they look really wierd.

      They do... there's video of the Forge Demo on Gaf and TwitchTV.

      They've also added magnetism, to make linking elements easier... locking objects, non menu duplication and a bunch of other neat stuff.

    I hate the Halo games except for Reach which had a very good multiplayer componet, but other then that I cant get into halo.

    But Halo 4 actually looks like it will be a very good game. Looks so polished. Seems like Halo might get the innovation it needs to continue being such a strong franchise for microsoft

    These are the sorts of things that I think should have become standard years ago.

    I nom nom nom forge mode can't wait

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