Here, Have Some New Resident Evil 6 Gameplay

Here, Have Some New Resident Evil 6 Gameplay

This is some new gameplay of Resident Evil 6 that was filmed at Capcom’s Summer Jam.

Not to be confused with the hip hop festival run by HOT 97 in NYC. That is a very different summer jam.

Resident Evil 6 New PS3 Gameplay Footage Surfaces [Gameranx]


  • Resident Evil 4 was brilliant. Never liked the others (including 5). Let’s hope that this is also brilliant, however bland the gameplay may look at the moment.

  • So much artificial suspense. I remember the good old days where the suspense came from not only your surroundings, but also the fear of running out of ammo or not managing your inventory correctly. Nowdays if you run out of bullets, you can use your always equipped knife or use counter attacks.

  • There’s some interesting use of lighting in the demo – the shadows on the walls reminded me of 28 Days Later, and creeping through dark environments always helps the atmosphere of Resident Evil games (are you listening, post-release Resi 5?). However, if its “yet another” 3rd person shooter rather than “a new” 3rd person shooter, I’ll be disappointed. From what I’ve read, it looks to be the latter, but I’m keeping my mind open until I play it.

  • Why no head shots? And a trained specialist should at least be able to fire faster than that…

    One or two rounds in the shoulder or arm isn’t gonna stop a zombie!

  • What’s really surprised me is the fact that they have the best lighting that the genre has ever had, a dark subway tunnel setting that creeps the hell out of you, tight or claustrophobic spaces, and I STILL felt no tension. That’s what’s surprising.

  • Hated this film and the other 3 before. They bcrhueted the franchise.It has nothing to do with RE games at all. And if all of u funboys out there saying it doesn;t have to, then why call it Resident evil?3D and special effects r NOT the key element in the movie, this felt like look how cool it looks story? what’s that? Sh*ty movie, hope there will be a reboot and that hack of a director paul anderson will never direct another video game adaptation. AVP my ass pffft.

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